Weigh In # 30 … the Reality


WOW!  It has been a while since I was able to post a normal “Am I a Loser or a Gainer” weight loss post.  Feels kinda good to be back in the grove of weekly weigh ins and reports.  I know, I am being coy and not jumping right in there with the results, but y’all can peek if you are of a mind to do so.  It has been one crazy little month and a half over here in the Deep-Super-Hot South.  Most of the country is having a bit of a heat wave, that honestly is a MAJOR understatement.  🙂

Ok, Ok, I will get to it all ready.  It looks like I won’t have to give up my cardboard crackers, my yummy carrots, my zippy celery, or my melba toast bread slices.  hehehehehe.  Cuz chica lost 3.5 pounds today.  Yeah, Yeah, Woo, Woo!  I am a happy girl.  It was all the NUTS!  Dang it.  I love nuts, but they are gonna have ta stay away till chica-chica gets to goal.  🙂

Liken' that new dip there in the loseit.com chart. yeah ... now it just needs to keep right on moving down the line. Gonna do my part to make it happen. Yeah! 😀

I have lost a total of 72.5 pounds on the OptiFast Plan.  Since starting with Donna and Loseit.com I have lost 80.5 pounds.   A little off from weigh in #25 when I shared that I had lost a total of 73.5 pounds on the OptiFast Plan, and with Donna/Loseit.com I had lost 81.5 pounds, but really close.  Oh, well, I guess better luck next time.  NOT!  I am beyond happy with myself, and I am feeling pretty darn great about now.  Yippie, I am almost back to where I was in June and it is now August.  That is both happy and sad news.  Who wants to back track, but at least it wasn’t a LONG upward spiral into major obese land.  I’m givin’ myself the high fives over here.

Drums in the air when she started to dance ... away, away, away ... dance on into the night. Hehehe she is ONLY OVER WEIGHT! hahahahaha 😀

Can you hear the sigh of relief in my writing? It is a very long satisfied ahhhh.  We are moving in the RIGHT direction again.  Can you hear me?  Can you hear the Yippie Skippie in my voice as I type?  Can you see the smirk of joy on my face as I watch the letters and numbers appear before me on the screen?  I know, I am being very silly right now, but I think, acting silly is long over due.  Whew!  This has been a week of serious conversation that is not quite through, installment number four is just about finished, but I just had to take a few minutes break from the heavy weight stuff to rejoice.  Can you hear me sing the word rejoice?  Think angelic choir.  Heheh … OK … so I am NOT that great of a singer, but I won’t hurt your ears either.

Your an alien (as in E.T.), sorry I am listening to Katy Perry sing your an alien …. supernatural.  It just makes me wanna wiggle, giggle … ohhhh… OK.  I think I am just gonna go and have some kinda of fun for a bit.  I so very excited that I don’t have to give up all my food to lose.  Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Later …..S

Oh, and if I have grammatical errors …. GET OVER IT!  I am too happy to sit here trying to get that stuff right.  Mikey will be back later and he will catch ‘em and we will fix-um-up proper.   Go hug somebudy!  ahhahaha

Before OptiFast Program Dec 2010

Today ... my daughter (Andriana) was hidding behind the bush making me laugh. Not a very hard job today. 😀


20 thoughts on “Weigh In # 30 … the Reality

    • Thanks Ducky … you are too kind. I think that reckless glass of cranberry juice sounds perfectly YUMMY! 🙂 Amazing what sounds yummy after 6 months of nothing but shakes. 🙂

  1. I could almost hear the choir singing as I read! Way to go! Your excitement got me moving this morning…I am back on track and have lost 4.2 lbs this week! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!? : )
    Thank you for the continued inspiration!

  2. So happy for you! I had a good weigh-in too yesterday. Just makes the sun shine brighter, doesen’t it? 😉 Keep up the good work! Revel in your achievements – they are wonderful indeed.

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! LOOK AT YOU GIRL!!!! I just want to echo…. AWESOME!!!! Congratulations!!! Back on track and nuts to the nuts! lol I knew you would do it – I’m so pleased for you – I wish it were me too!

    Loving that smile my dearest Shonnie 🙂


  4. WTG!!!! I couldn’t stop smiling reading this! Now if only I can get the food to quit calling my name this week! Which I did workout yesterday and sweating in my living room without doing anything today haha!! You are so inspirational YOU GO GIRL GO GO GO! 🙂 😀

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