The Day After Yesterday …

Are happy day's here again? 🙂 Yeah.

…has been an intensively pensive day.  Where do you think I ended up?  Did I discover something profound and motivating?  Or was it something stimulating?  Stimulating…hmmm…. do I tell you?? Well, as an aside, something unusual happened the other day, I suppose it could be considered stimulating.  It was one of my more unique compliments.  I was chatting with this person, who knew me before OptiFast, and (we will call this person Fitone, for the purpose of discussion, instead of her or him or it).  Fitone was telling me how great I looked.  I have to tell you I LOVE these moments.  Then, came the unique part of the compliment, Fitone said that I was putting off some pretty amazing pheromones, that I was just radiating health.  You have to understand Fitone is a riot, and I laughed my butt off, because Fitone was serious. I wasn’t sure what to say back to that compliment, but I did think it was riotously funny; laughing hysterically, I said, “Wow, you must have a good nose.”

So, I pulled into the garage, Mike was working in the office (I banished him to the garage because he is so messy, great guy but keeps a sloppy desk), got out of my car and called up to Mike, “I have amazing pheromones.”  He was working and gave me the really sexy reply, “HUH?”  So I repeated my compliment for his listening pleasure.  He pokes his head up over his monitor raises his eyebrows in a flirty way and grins at me while saying, “Well, yes you do.”  I have reminded him of this for the entire weekend, and we have laughed more over this unusual compliment than I can remember laughing in a long time.  Have any of you BIG LOSERS out there had any distinctive compliments of late?

OK, so back to what I have been pondering.  I know yesterday I told you that I was going to have to figure out what to do about my stall.  I have looked at a number of options.  I think my main problem is that I am burned out on liquid nutrition as a solution for more rapid weight loss.  I am not burned out on eating healthy, or Eating to the Right, as the teach us at they EatRight Clinic that I go to at UAB.  I have no intention of giving up on all Liquid nutrition, but I do not think that going back on full formula is the option for me at this time.  I am tired of putting my life on hold, to play until I reach my goal weight.  This has been a very hard decision to make, because full formula worked like a charm for me.  Transition has not.  It hasn’t been terrible, but instead, has taken much longer for me to move forward than I anticipated.

So … what am I going to do?  Well, I am going to take some meal plan ideas and e-mail them to Lindsey at EatRight and get her input on my ideas.  I plan to step up my exercise slowly until Lindsey and I get the meal plan in place and firmed up.  My plan is to request another Resting Metabolism Test, so that I have an idea of what my base line for maintaining my weight, losing weight, and what to do when I up the activity.  Then, when we can determine the best eating plan for me during training, I am going to blow the doors off that and push forward for at least two months before changing directions again.  This was hard because I know I will gain.  Heck, I have gained between 3 and 7 pounds this week with just a tad bit more activity and well one indiscretion of a grilled cheese and fries.  Yes, I did that on purpose.  Not that I recommend it but I had been craving one for quite a while, so I gave myself this treat. I gave myself this treat following a one hour walk with weights and an hour and half bike ride, in which Mikey said I drove him hard.  I know my legs were burnin’ and wobbly.  LOVE IT!   Why treat myself with this food after such hard work?  First, because that is the best time to have a treat when your body will burn it up, and mostly because this food will NOT be allowed during a training push.  Just no way that would be good for energy, it would be good for slugging about.

My hope is that I can balance the calories to lose some or at least stand still for the next month while I build muscle, and then I should start dropping again.  It is more likely that I will gain between 5 and 15 pounds, which completely stinks, but I have had some major fluctuations over the last few days with my stepping up the intensity of the workouts.  My weight has been ranging between 185 to 192 on my scales, which is between 182 and 187 on the clinic scales.  This week has been mostly a constant move up the scales, I dropped back down for a day (dropped to 186 clinic scales), and then it went back up.  I have to tell you that has been stressful.

I believe that the volatility of the scales has been the driving force with me in changing my focus from scale related results to fitness instead. I will mark my success by how well I adhere to the diet plan, and the workout plan, and the way my clothes fit, but not what the scales say.  I will however keep going in for weigh ins, and I will still report them on here … Accountability is a big factor.  Also, I don’t want things to get out of hand.  Gaining within my expected range–with those gains being mostly muscle and water weight is something I can deal with. I want to keep an eye on things in case I have made food choice errors–much better to catch them early rather than late.  The Clinic scales can give you a good idea of where you are gaining and why.  This will be huge in keeping my focus and my calm.

If, after having my nice long push to regain my muscle strength … while following the transition plan doesn’t work for losing … I will return to full formula.  Because I know this is a sure fire solution for weight loss.  I keep reminding myself; I have done it before and I can do it again.  Right now though, my glowing-radiant-pheromone self is not in the mood to go back to a completely liquid food.

Here we go … ye haw!  ….S  🙂

Hey … I was serious … you all got any funny or unusual compliments lately?


8 thoughts on “The Day After Yesterday …

  1. *Sniff *Sniff Shonnie, is that you? I smell you here in Seattle, oh wait, that is my turkey breast cooking downstairs. hahahahahahaha

    Don’t worry about the muscle, be more concerned about those amazing pheromones you are putting out! ; )

  2. Ha! the only thing I smell of is orange blossom and pommegranite ironing water…. it’s been steaming up at me all day!

    You know, here is the thing… you have a plan, you’re thinking about things – that’s the entire difference between success and failure – it’s all within your control and if plan A doesn’t do the job, then you have plan B – I understand what you’re saying about the liquids!!! I have total faith in you and I know for sure you’ll do what’s best – it’s not the speed in which we move forward that counts… it’s how much great scenery we take in along the way! 🙂 however you can best enjoy the journey is the way to go xxx

  3. Hello Shonnie. I just love reading your posts. I am filled with hope everyday by the wonderful people I find on wordpress who are on the same journey I am on. You are also a great writer. I hope people will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy yours. Have a fantastic day.

  4. The whole diet stuff is too technical for me and I can be of no use to you what so ever, ( nothing new there ) but I will say even your photograph radiates “phemorones” however you spell them so the guy was right there, as Mike appreciates. Wether thats affected by your dieting tactics is another question entirely

    • Ducky … you have all kinds of great stuff to say. Haha … as for the Mike appreciating my Phermones– he said he has indeed enjoyed them. Haha! 🙂 I read your comment to him on our morning chat while he drive from location to location. We both laughed as he agreed with you. It is nice to like your partner as well as love them after 23 years. 🙂

  5. Haha unfortunately no weird compliments lately but that is an absolutely fantastic one! You can do the transition, it is hard to do the whole balancing act but it becomes easier over time 🙂

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