Tomorrow is weigh in #31

I couldn't post the one that wasn't filtered ..... too yucky ... at least this one fades to black in grosser parts. Nothing like waving to someone and slapping yourself in the face! 🙂

YUM … YUCK … Dang … puke

It isn’t going to be a fun weigh in tomorrow.  I stepped on the scales a bit ago, and it wasn’t a good number that popped up on the LCD screen.  I knew it wouldn’t be, because I can feel the muscle firming up in my legs from three days of pushing hard on my bike, hard enough to make Mikey whine at me.  In fairness to Mikey, we must keep in mind that Mikey works in the heat all day.  He works/plays with the toy he loves, his he-man-woman-hater pressure washer, and he takes on more jobs than he should, but he loves the blasted thing, so I try not to gripe too much at him.  Anyway …. I can see muscles taking shape. I like muscles.  They don’t wobble.

Can you tell what this object of torture is? A hint ... the Trainer Nazi suggested I use it. It is helpful but it causes shrieks of pain to errupt from the user if one actually needs to use it. Lovely, really it is, but dang it all why does it hurt so bad? 🙂

I had all these super fun things to tell you about all this and drawings that I was going to post (to show you the bizarre reshaping of my rear and legs), but I spent too much time stalking you all.  You can make a complete day of reading posts in the blogosphere.

So you will just have to work with me here as I slap a post together before making myself try to go to sleep.  Oh … the bother of getting all my crap together.  You all just drained me today … haha you just write too darn good and had me distracted all blasted day.

Don't worry about me with my flabby arms, or tomorrows weigh in ... cuz I am a strong woman and I'm a gonna come out fightin' ! 😀





See y’all with the lovely weigh in update … S

19 thoughts on “Tomorrow is weigh in #31

  1. Shonnie in your pic with the red foam thing (Which by the way I have no idea what you do with!) it looks like the plant is growing out of your head making you look like you have suddendly decided to colour your hair green!! I had to look twice!

    • It is an instrument of exercise torture. The trainer nazi got it for me to work out the horrible pain in my hips. I don’t know of anything that has hurt me more and helped me so much. I have to MAKE myself use it. If I run I have to use it. So that is why I had it in my hands … I had rolled my hip with it. HURT!

  2. That looks like a funoodle in the picture (pool toy). : )
    Remember that it is not the number on the scale, it is the positive changes you have made. YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

    • Awe … Cruz ….. thanks! You are so sweet. I read your words while I waited to be weighed. They were a nice boost since I knew it wouldn’t be great.

  3. Thinking of you as you go and I sure know what you mean by everyone writing so well. I could get on here and lose days if I had them to spare, lol. Thanks again for sharing your journey. You are one of those writers I always enjoy. So real, confirming and inspiring 🙂

    • Awe thanks Aurora. Love reading everyones stuff. It is great fun to witness so much talent and so many people acting on their dreams …. so very inspiring. 🙂

    • Thanks David. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. 🙂 I went over and checked you out. I will be back to comment on your great work in a bit. 🙂

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