My Chemical Rage

my brain

I awoke this fine morning with my body screaming at me for food.  I was stark-raving-wildly-out-of-my-mind hungry, EVEN after I ate my early morning breakfast.  What the heck?  I called Mikey on the phone and whined.  What tha heck?  He was trying to work his magic sweet talk on me … wasn’t workin’ … just sayin’.  I felt more like smackin’ something than being calmed.  What happened???

Yesterday was great.  I awoke yesterday morning after a fantastic night of sleep and felt as if I could conquer the world.  My day followed my plan without a hitch right down to what time I would go to bed (Yes, I made a plan for sleep — trying to get my rhythm back).  I was actually very full all day and thought, wow this is going to be alright, Yeah!  I patted myself on the back, because I’d made the right choice to follow Doc. Ard’s plan.  I walked with my weight pack and wrist weights in the AM, and got my day off right on the “right foot”…wink, wink.  I even pulled out the fish for dinner grilling early in the day, and followed through with yummy low fat grilled fish and zucchini for dinner.  I followed my great day of eating with an awesome evening bike ride. OMG … the heat was BAD … but that is another topic.  I felt GREAT, yesterday.  So what caused my body to react this morning and revolt against me?  It was a mystery … at first.

I was perplexed as to why I woke up twice last night for potty emergencies.  This had ceased to be a problem once I started using my apnea machine.  I had adhered to my sleep plan last evening.  I rode when I planned ride.  I was home getting ready for bed to ensure proper wind down for a good nights rest, just as I had planned.  What happened?  Why did I wake up?  As I lay in the bed this morning battling my hunger, for it was not time yet to eat again.  I whined to Mike some more.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to calm myself and resist eating.  I am not sure what made me think to check my blood sugars (kinda of part of a routine of trying to figure out if I am actually hungry or what).  Well, when I checked my blood sugars they were very high.

I was shocked.  Then, I thought back on last night, at the same time I queried Mike, “Do you remember me taking my diabetes medication with dinner?”  Neither one of us could recall my taking it.  This was the reason my body was raging at me like a maniac to eat.  The chemicals in my ornery body were Falsely demanding fuel, when I didn’t need it.  I have found through out the years, that I can skip the morning meds, but I cannot skip the evening meds or I wake up with cravings out of this world and I have to POTTY ALL NIGHT–YUCK!  Totally not the same as Partin‘ all night … no fun at all.  I don’t know about you, but that is a pain in every way including the rear.  Mystery solved.  Dinglehopper over here forgot her meds and made her life HARD!  Note to self:  DO NOT forget to take evening meds … ever!

Once I realized what was going on, I told my body to shut the heck up because I wasn’t gonna feed it until it was time.  I didn’t care what it thought, or what it screamed.  I was not gonna listen.  I shoved the meds down my throat before hopping on the treadmill to beat these screaming hormones into submission.  We can’t let liars win, now can we??  NO!  There was no real need for food, but my body was flippin’ out trying to make me believe it did … but I showed it!  I kicked its butt for behaving like a spoiled brat for a good 35 minutes walking up my-man-made-treadmill-hill before allowing it to have food at the properly scheduled time.

Mind you, I wasn’t terribly mean to my body, because it can’t help being hungry when those evil chemicals rage within it.   Still, you can’t let it have its way completely.  I did feed it, and it is now very calm and behaving in a much more rational manner.  Thank God, because I would hate to have to punish it further.  That would be a shame, and I am quite tired from the earlier attitude adjustment.  I didn’t tell it that this would be harder on me than it was on itself even though that was the truth.  One should never rub it in when one is right about something painful … just sayin’.

Well, I am off to try and figure out what other things I have forgotten now that my chemical panic has been calmed.  I almost forgot, my weight was down this morning.  Not counting it yet, but that is a GREAT sign I am on the right track.  🙂

…. Happy Healthy Eating Y’all …..S

17 thoughts on “My Chemical Rage

  1. Heavens that was a struggle and a half. I did,nt know you were a diabetic, not that it matters, but forgetting to take your meds can be serious I presume. Glad you’re OK and well done on the weight thing. You seem to be doing really well now and I’m hoping we’re on a roll towards success at the next weigh in. Brilliant

    • Ducky, it was a struggle.

      I barely won. And I do I mean barely. Yes I am diabetic, and have multiple other chronic problems — thankfully these things are getting better with weight loss. It would have been really bad a few pounds ago, but as it was my numbers were just HIGH and I was massively HUNGRY.

      I hope I am on a roll for the weigh in as well. I went down several days ago and it is holding there. Not stellar, but at least down. 🙂

    • It was Desi, it was! I was so hungry I wanted to eat the house down. It is amazing what the chemicals in our bodies will do. I am out of two of my cortisol calming herbs, gotta go get them cuz with testing we found that my cortisol levels go up at night … yummy for a big fat tummy! 😉

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