How Shonnie gets her Happy ON

Feel tha burn ....

She don’s her spandex water wicking bike clothes and hops on the back of her favorite Italian bike … ahhhhh.  How do I spell relief?  R.I.D.E. M.Y. B.I.K.E. with M.I.K.E.  😀

I am pretty sure he is a big part of my happy mood. 🙂

Life’s good when I can jump on my bike and ride.  With each peddle my troubles begin to fly off my mind as if they were stuck to my body with a sticky note.  It is probably the endorphins that just drown out my concerns.  It is my drug of choice … way better than alcohol or zanax (this is the only drug I have ever tried, and only with a prescription–I know, I know I need to dial my wild woman down a notch).  The only side affect of bike riding is a tad bit of maniacal hunger; a great big smile; a great mood; nice muscle form in your legs and rumpass; and a serious addiction for more of the same.

see y'all later ... 🙂

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet … cuz I am gonna try to get back on my favorite drug of choice … I think I need to for my weigh in tomorrow.  😀

Blessings …… S


10 thoughts on “How Shonnie gets her Happy ON

  1. I am officially jealous of Shonnie. How does she take pictures of herself while on her bike. I actually tried this. Only to fall on my side still clipped into my bike. I can’t say it was one of my proudest moments. But it is not my mission in life how you stay balanced, smile, look sexy, take a picture…..and still remain on your bike.

    • Thanks Ducky … I just have not had a great week. I was not happy with the doctors plan. I am not taking to it well. Nice to be happy for a few moments. 🙂

    • I know Martin. I enjoyed feeling happy too … it didn’t last long, but it was great while it lasted. Hey … Martin … what kind of diet does your trainer have you on? If you wouldn’t mind emailing me that would be awesome.

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