I am NOT quitting.

I am NOT giving up.

I have NOT lost my focus to reach my goal.

I just want to redirect my focus from all liquid meals for a short season to regular meals.

I have had several worried comments and queries about this and I wanted to bring rest to your mind.  I am about to head to the gym to work out with the Trainer Nazi, so I will have to be brief.  Just so you know, I walked again last night to settle my nerves for 3.5 miles.  I plan to ride again tonight.  I am OK other than I have stalled.

I have stalled for a reason.  I am working out more.  My body wants more food.  I am not sure how much to give it and sweet shakes for the moment just make me gag.

What’s going on with my grumpy blogs …?

…Me struggling with my choices.  My internal struggle with my diet at the moment is from a fear of change.  I mentioned this to the docs they want me to keep pressing forward.  I am not able to do that right now–I gag every time I try to eat more sweet food.  I really believe that I need a break.  However, that scares me.  I am afraid of taking a break and changing my focus from the scales to just building muscle.  The pain you are reading is the struggle with choices/change and the fear that brings with it.  Changing anything causes me a enormous amounts of pain.  Miss Emm said it very well the other day and when I get back and have time I am going to tag that blog so you can read it.

I went through all this before I started the program and I am going through it right now.  I am sorry if gave any of you cause to worry.  I will NEVER give up.  Please understand that it IS NOT in my nature to quit.

I do not know if I have ever felt so loved in all my life.  Thank you all for caring so much.  You bless my confused soul and give me hope that no matter what choice I make–I will do well–because YOU ALL are there.  You have my back and honor me so with your words of encouragement.  THANK YOU!

I hope this puts your minds at ease … S


28 thoughts on “I’M NOT QUITING

  1. I’m not much good on the technical stuff to do with serious dieting, and I can imagine a continuous round of similar shakes and meals must be a bit daunting but you looked great on the bike and doing more exercise has to be a good thing. Your character and determination are great. I don’t realy care how you do it but the scales gradually going down in the long term rather than up has to be a good thing. You have a fantastic support in MIke which is great. You also have real character even if you get tired once in a while.

    • Ducky,

      Even though you don’t have “technical” weight loss advice, your being here means the WORLD to me. I have found through this blog, how wonderful it is to have the support of friends while you go through such a trying journey.

      I am going to continue going in for weigh ins with the same Docs, every Tuesday. My change in diet plan will be with the same Docs watching over me. So, I have a great saftey net. 😀

      Mike is AMAZING. We are so good for each other. It took us many years to get to this comfortable place of “dwelling together in knowledge” (Mike’s saying), and I will add, “with acceptance and respect of both good and bad parts of each other.” We like all of each other–so life is good. I am blessed.

      Thanks for always saying sweet things about my charachter … you have no idea how much it means. I would never have guessed how much it would either. 😀

  2. Sometimes change is necessary.

    I bounced off and on and off an on and off an on Atkins for the last 17 months. Each bounce off was necessary to keep me from just tossing in the towel. As long as you keep weighing yourself and you keep working toward your goal, you are going to get there. Many paths can lead to the same location. 😀

    Beware wasps!

    • Haha …. Beware Wasps! That made me LOL!

      Grumpy that is exactly what I plan to do. The really cool thing with the EatRight program their scales breakdown the fat, muscle, and water gain, so I can keep up with what I am gaining or losing. Like the last two times I have gained muscle and water weight. So as long as I only gain muscle I am cool (well, I will be cool if I don’t go over 190–hit 190 and I will be back on the shakes for a week to get back down). 😀

  3. hmmm wordpress want notifying me of posts. I think I fixed it now though. It looks like youve been very very busy and making some big decitions. Let me add my encouragement to the others. xo Sara

  4. Just keep on keepin on! Like the song says……..you and your medical team will figure out a plan for you that will work!

  5. This is coming from a woman who hates change…..

    We all need change in our lives. If things were simple we would get bored. If losing weight was easy everyone would do it. You have done great. And it is ok to drop the ball on occasion.

    • Yes, I know. The decision to start this program was a big change … and now the decision to change it for a bit is a BIG change. 😀 Thanks for always being there. 🙂

  6. You better not quit!!! You are going to be just fine 🙂

    I struggle almost every single day with wanting to eat more or exercise less so I definitely get the struggles, and changing how we eat or do things is always incredibly scary but we can always make the choice to strive forward in whichever way is the best in the moment. I know you can do it 🙂

    • Testy — YOU KNOW I am not goin’ anywhere! My problem stems from my wanting to ADD MORE exercise. I want to step mine up to about 3 hours a day. 2 days swiming for an hour. 3 days run/jogging (think couch to 5k) about 30 min to hour, riding my bike for 4 to 6 days (most days for just an hour–but I would like a long 40-plus-miles [like 60 pluse better] every other weekend). Lifting weights 3 days. Throwing rowing a boat once a weekend if possible–I would like to do more rowing, but just can’t right now. 😀 Now, do you get the reason I can’t figure my food needs out? hahahahaha …. I know I am crazy, but it really is an addiction for me. 😀

    • I am going to add food and that will make me feel better fast. Lean protien and veggies! 😀 I just had to make up my mind. I did last evening. 😀 Thanks girl you are super dooper! 😀

      • WOOHOO!! Grilled veggies with greek salad dressing is a must!! and so good. Try it 🙂 I just let them soak, then place them on my eletric skillet, wait for them to brown on both sides then eat away!
        Also, have you tried a wheat wrap with cooked chicken breast strips (not battered) with salsa add a little bit of cheese.. so good!! and not that bad for you 🙂 1 fills me up! Hit up the wrap in a skillet then add the chicken and other goodies (but not too much) then fold it up. So good!

    • David,

      Thanks. I have considered it and that is what week one transition foods are like. Lean meat and veggies. That is what I will be adding into my diet three of my 6 or so meals. I will be using protien shakes to fill in my hunger the rest of the day. The ones from the program. I know they work for my body and they will keep me at the right carb balance for the heavier workout days. I get too weak without carbs in my system. 😀

      Great suggestion. That is the best way for me to eat — clean and lean.

      Thanks again David,

  7. I don’t know about your trainer, but with my trainer I lost from a size 14 to a size 4 in 10 weeks. He knew what he was doing. I was so mad when I read this…you should knpow exactly how much food you should be taking in, especially protein, carb and fat ratio. FIND A NEW TRAINER.

    • Charlotte,

      You are such a sweetheart. Thank you for getting mad on my behalf. Donna is allowing the Docs at the program to make the diet, besides she is more of a gimp trainer. She keeps me being able to workout around all my injuries. Several other trainers were kind of hesitant to work with me, because I have so many problems to work around–much has to be modified. I do need a Tri coach or trainer for food and help with building up my endurance and strength for the events I want to participate in. We were already looking into that. 🙂 I am so glad you found someone who could do both, I think I almost need a sports medicine doc to get me through ahaha!

      When you consider that I have injured my back in three places on multiple occasions–in the same places–crazy huh? Hyper extended both shoulder damaging rotator cuff. One bad knee and an ankle that just decides to turn and make me fall–big part of the reason for the knee injury. I have mitral valve prolapse and a whole in my heart. Diabetic, High blood pressure, and have a sensitivity to heat. There are probably more, but I can’t remember them … you can see why I need a gimp trainer. Hehehe!

      Love you girl and I can’t wait to see you in Septemeber! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  8. Shonnie… I know you’ll be fine. I took six months off last year for various reasons. And you know what? I held my own and then hit it again and finished losing almost all of the weight (I’m still waffling over my fine tuning desires… eh!). You’ll be fine. And if it gives you the opportunity to recharge the batteries, then it may be the best course for you. Keep a food diary! And keep it religiously! And pull out the kitchen scale and weigh stuff. There’s nothing wrong with being exacting as you go forward. It’ll help ensure you don’t lose the ground you’ve gained.

    • Thanks Beth,
      I thought you had mentioned that you had gone off while in Europe. I think it is. I am just not into sweet food right now. I am still eating shakes, but not as my main food source. I will weigh, it is a part of me now. 😀

  9. Well said Shonnie, whatever choice you make will be spiritually guided and will make you stronger for the future. Just where you need to be right now……Love, Nancy and Dick

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