OUCH … Donna bit me … and that really hurt!

torture ma chine


Charlie Bit Me<–If you want to hear the cute song Charlie Bit Me …. click on the words to see the cute video and song.  I can’t figure out how to put the cool picture-video things here.

The video is just how it is.  Sing Donna bit me with it and then watch the baby and you will see how Donna acts when you hurt … just sayin’ … TRAINER NAZI!

Promise you that is not how I spoke in the class today.  I yelled wordy-durds, I didn’t say “bad word, bad word, bad word” like I usually do, I just yelled the exact bad words that applied to the moment.  Including the F-bomb.  I don’t even feel ashamed.  I know I should but help me Lord (I actually mean that), I just couldn’t stop myself.

I knew that Donna had made my tummy hurt on Wednesday’s work out.  I knew I had made myself hurt with the almost 20 minutes of lifting weight (one of which worked your tummy), but DANG!  I had NO idea how bad today’s class was going to hurt … or I might have skipped it.

Let me give you the blow-by-blow on how Donna and I beat the living stew out of me:

    • Arrived at the YMCA, at 7:30 to warm up my arms and legs for about 10 minutes.
    • Worked out with weights for another 20 minutes before …
    • Donna showed up to work me on weight for another 30 minutes
    • Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I went into the Pilates Reformer class — Pilates with weighted resistance.  It will kick your butt.

This was two hours straight of working out.

I didn’t workout yesterday — not what I had planned, just what happened.  That is how life is sometimes, it interrupts your carefully planned day.  I guess it was a good thing, but most likely not, because there were things on me that were stiff and pained that might have felt better with any amount of a workout.  D.A.N.G! <—said with a southern drawl.

This move has gotten so much easier since losing the 70 or so pounds. hehehe! I am wondering if I look any smaller now?

I started wordy-durding about mid-way through the squat lifts, and finished up with bench pressing a louse 60 pounds–that’s when I started leaking f-bombs.   As I struggled with my feather weights, those lovely-lady-like words floated from my sweet lips in whispers just loud enough for Donna’s ears.  Of course she laughed, because she likes to make me whine.  She gets her kicks that way!  I am so out of shape!  That is what 7 months of NO lifting will get ya … Whimpsville!

I wobbled down the hall to the torture room with my limbs trembling.  I was afraid.  I was already starting to get hungry and wordy-durds were coming out of my mouth in a regular rhythm by this time, what was class going to be like?  Well, with these ladies it is always fun.  Thankfully, when I started screaming like the kid in the video they laughed.  We I started growling the f-bomb they joined in with laughter and it sort of started a ricochet of lovely comments (shhh don’t tell anyone I told, but some other ladies were F-boming too).  If it had been any other ladies than this group of women I would have been horrified by my loud groanings–I am always bad–but NEVER this bad, or this loud.  My core and my inner thighs (I thought a less nice word that starts with a c, but I am trying to return to a semi-lady-like-behavior, it is really hard though) literally screamed in pain.  I yelled, “OH CRAMP” quite a lot.  Then, that would start a volley of giggles, which were more like cackling, and more smarty-pants-comments would fly around the room.  My stomach started growling half way through, and the pain was pretty intense by this point, and I would have to get Sophie girl home and up the stairs in this shaky condition!  YIKES!

I was screaming at this point today.

Well, long-story-short, I had been smart enough to pack a OptiFast Brick with me and I swallowed that whole in a New York minute (because we all know their minutes are shorter) before leaving the parking lot.  I got home and stuffed my face further with lean cuts of Canadian bacon!  YUM!  Then, I ate some low fat bean dip (that I made with low fat cheese and low fat greek yogurt), and then, I ate half a banana and a handful of cherries.  ahhhh relief.

I had a shake for second lunch, and am doing quite well, even if I am still slightly shaky and sore, Sophie has kept me running and I think I could use a nap, just sayin’.   What cha wanna bet  Mikey will wanna go for a bike ride this evening???  Such is the life of a very active-not-quite-so-fat-girl.   😀

Gonna go stare blankly off into the distance … check y’all out later ….S

P.S.  I’m hungry again, can you believe that?

13 thoughts on “OUCH … Donna bit me … and that really hurt!

  1. I hope your giving yourself lots of hot tub time to relax those muscles. I wish I lived near enough to join this group of never quiting work out women of yours. That video rocks!

    • I can’t do a hot tub, Blood pressure rises too high, and my tub needs repairing. We keep saying we are going to repair it, but we keep forgetting to look for a new tub. I think we just don’t want another home project right now. haha

  2. Wow. These are things I think about doing, and then do a (far less punishing) vinyasa set, instead. Though having a good excuse to cuss like that, would be helpful 😉 I might have to try it!

    • Yeah, it can be great. The main reason I do cuss — is my blood sugars drop — and — uhhh. Well, it is really hard to stop them coming out at this point. haha! I used to do this all the time, before OptiFast, but have not been there almost 7 months. DANG–OUCH!

    • That is what I am hoping for. Strong enough to kick butt for real! 😀 These photos are a little old, but I don’t think I have changed much in about 10 weigh ins. Boo Hiss!

  3. Who the hell is Donna??? And Charlie??? I will bite them both back on your behalf!!! LOL LOL Glad to know it wasn’t literal. Sounds like you’ve been working as hard as I imagine myself to when I am not so busy being utterly lazy, that is. You look fab in your pics, Miss Shonnie, way to roar 🙂

    • Donna is the Trainer Nazi–my trainer–it is her job to make me hurt. Can you believe I pay someone to make me hurt all over?? I do though. Charlie is a little baby in a video that bit his big brother and they caught it on video and it makes me laugh. And that is what was playing in my head when I wrote this. Click on the link and watch. Donna is just like that baby … she will giggle when she bites (works you till you cuss). 🙂

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