The Day after … Donna Bit me!

I am a Whimpy girl!


I awoke gently this morning snuggled in my honeys arms, feeling loved and secure … Ahhh.  Today seemed so filled with happy promise …. SCREECH …. OUCH …  SCREAM … Oh My God, why does my B, C, and C hurt?

I wrote Donna an email demanding to know why these parts of my body hurt.  What is a B, C & C?  Well, guys, cover your ears.  It is my B=breast area (boobs–I have never had my boobs hurt), my C=core area (this has been hurting for days), C=inner thigh (you know I can’t type that out–I am a PG site), and my BACKSIDE, My Rumpass, My bum–ohhhh I hurt all over!  Bad words are welling in my mind every time I move–I am trying to be a good girl–but it is hard!  Whhaaaahhh!

Mike and I are about to head to the gym so that I can work some of this pain out my body.  I am sure I will be having pleasant thoughts with each move I make today.  I sit here pouting, because every time my lovely husband reaches out and caresses my skin, I cry out in grievous torment.  I so hope that I can work some of this out.

Oh, if only the pool wouldn’t be full of kiddo’s and bodies where I could swim and work all the pain out.  Whhaahhhaaa.

Moan..whimper…whine…pout…I used to do this every week without any problems!  I just thought you all should know that scales are the last thing on my mind, but I did weigh myself, and I have stayed the same.  How do you forget about the scales?  Put a hurt on your body where your brain can’t focus on it.  Thank God I rode my bike last night, or who knows what would be happening to my legs!

As Mikey reaches out to caress away my pain (which by-the-way isn’t working) he tells me that I looks skinnier all over.  I am so pain ridden I cannot deduce if he is trying to make me feel better or what he says is real.  I do know every time he touches a new spot, I find a new pain.  WHAAHH — I have become a weenie.

I’ll let you know how I feel when I get back from the Y … S

Update — Didn’t make it to the gym, I was hit by a wave of hunger.  We promised Boo to go look for his first car, so we will hopefully make it later.

11 thoughts on “The Day after … Donna Bit me!

  1. It’s all in a good cause. As MIke says your trading muscle for fat so no weight gain is a good result. Frankly its a brilliant effort and you have every reason to be proud of yourself. The pain will go but the benefits will stay with you 😉

    • It is Ducky,

      I know it is … but every time I move my arm I am reminded how in active these muscles have been. thanks — I am pretty happy with things. I can see the muscles taking shape–pretty cool even if I do say so myself. 😀

      If I am to grow new fat eaters, there will be more and more of these days to come. Yeah! I tell myself I am excited about this, because I know I really am. 🙂

  2. Massage…..Shonnie needs a full body massage to work out the knots in her body. The built up lactic acid can be horrible.

    • Miss Emm …. I am so in agreement with you on that! I think we need a couples massage so we both end up feeling blessed and relaxed. 🙂 Hint, Hint Mike. 😀

  3. Hi Shonnie:

    I am not discounting your pain believe me…but I will share two wise sayings with you…..My old doc used to say the only people that don’t feel pain are dead! I have a male friend who says it takes courage to get older! I am trying to treat the body but keep the mind somewhere else….I did 26 afghan rows of knitting in the wrong color…tells you where I am…have to tear out stitch by stitch!

    • Muscles never like it when we push them, young or old, but they do tend to fuss a little louder now than they did. Thankfully, they won’t do it for long. 😀

      You have way more patience than I, afghan-smashcan if I were to work on it. It would end up in a ugly ball of yarn in a bag in the closet. hehe

  4. Girl, whimper all you want, and mumble words that usually don’t happen! You have came a long way and you are trading in fat for muscle, and what was the saying about sweating?
    Sweat is FAT crying hahaha! So if you are hurting that is your fat screaming as it melts away 🙂 Keep at it! You are looking fab!

    • Hahaha … sweat is Fat crying! That is a good one. My muscle is screaming though. It is sayin’ you left me layin’ here all this time and NOW you want to push me … I’ll show you. 😀 Thankfully it will lead to feeling better quicker. 😀

      I just grew some bigger fat burners. –So dis is a good thang, even if I do whine in pain a lot! 😀

  5. You are always sore the first time you really hit it hard. It means you did something! And the results are definitely visible already. BTW–congrats on your weight not going up. Your weight usually does as you build muscle and retain fluid. That means you are trading fat for muscle! Hooray!

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