After workout Burn

Never made it to the gym yesterday.  Car hunting took forever.  We ate out, and that was a diet blower, but not bad because I put more than half my meal on Mike’s plate.  hehee.  He is so good for keeping my food in check.  Give it to Mikey: he’ll eat it (Yesterday, he ate it and then he hurt for it–I was great.  Mikey, ever my hero).  Thank God for the hour or so bike ride that helped burn some of that lunch off (we forgot to keep up with the time–we lost track of it durning a heated discussion about bike safety).   Mikey and I had a disagreement in which Mikey, temporarily, lost his hero status, and I was slightly peeved (massive understatement) with him for quite some time, so I drove the ride really hard.  That made for an intense Fartlek workout with Mikey trying to catch me, as I was on my racing bike and he on his hybrid; unless I chose to slow down, it was hard for him to keep up.

Bike rides are good for getting anger and stress out of your body.  I have NO idea where I was in my heart rate range, but I am pretty sure that it was maxed out for about 30 minutes or longer.  During the heated discussion, our bodies cooled off but rebuilt stress so we rode again for another 30 plus minutes to complete the de-stressing and the de-angering process in order that we might rest that evening.  Mike and I discuss-argue-fight, what ever you wish to call it, until we get to a point of resolution that each of us can live with. Never leave for tomorrow what you can resolve today. Also, it’s NEVER a good idea to let me go to bed on anger–I am so not nice the next morning.  Just think for a moment about how aggressive I am with exercises; I am sure a clear picture will form in your mind of exactly how much fun it would be to let me stew on my annoyances. Very NOT fun.

The ride did flatten out my stomach some, which was nice.  Sadly, I did gain a pound when I weighed this morning, which means I would still be the same on the clinic’s scales.  Boo Hiss!  Boo Hiss!

Today, I awoke sore but not quite as bad as yesterday.  I stretched a lot yesterday after the ride.  This morning I braved the gym and forced myself to tackle the-hair-of-the-dog that bit me.  Free weight, bench presses, lifts and squats.  Mike helped me with the free weights.  I tried hard not to cuss, and Mike isn’t as hard on me as Donna is, so I probably got off easier.  Mike is no trainer nazi.  Besides he is probably still trying to get back on my good side after scaring the bejeezus out of me last night!    😉

Uh … can I tell you that I am a wobble bunny and completely STARVING?  I have had three OptiFast products, an ounce of nuts, couple of rice thins, and 1/3 of a large oatmeal cookie … oh and I forgot the banana.  Yet, I am still STARVING.   Off to make some more lean protein and veggies.  Gotta get this hunger thang kicked in the butt before I am the one sucking up to make things all better.  Hehe.  Life’s a cycle! hahaha—pun intended—S


10 thoughts on “After workout Burn

  1. I like it.. bike riding as anger managment. and anger… as weight managment. I love the candid and upbeat way you wrote today.

  2. Well technically car shopping is a serious workout. Think of all the walking, and avoiding sleazy salesmen. In my book of rules you worked out plenty.

    I know what you mean about gaining a pound. I had not been on my bike in ages. I feel as if I have forgotten how to peddle. And I know that when I go for a ride it is going to be painful.

  3. Great post Shonnie. I’m looking forward to doing some biking with Jan (the immensely beautiful and much better half) once I’ve lost another 20 or so lbs.

    So true re the resolve before bed. That’s how we try to do it too.

    • What you waiting for Paul?? I started riding when I weighed 225. Get on that bike, buddy it will make you feel GOOD! 🙂 Or is it a reward?? If that is the case, then I get it, and think it is a great one. Be aware it is addictive. 🙂 In a good way though.

  4. My Mike is out on a bike ride right now to work out whatever it is that’s pissing him off today. And then when he gets back and cools off, we’ll be able to have a real conversation about it. A good bike ride = good therapy!
    Or at least, it’s saved us the cost of marriage counseling, so far 😉

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