I’m so tired I burned the pan

Totally wiped.

I went in for my workout this AM, but I didn’t really want too.  I would not have gone if the Y would not have charged me anyway.  New policy, you don’t call and cancel the day before they charge you anyway (which of course I had NO idea I would feel like crap when I woke up).  Boo Hiss on that.  So, since I was gonna be there anyway, I decided to lift again.  Well, I am completely whipped.

I came home to do as Lindsey suggested and eat a real food meal, mind you I had 3 OptiFast products before 10:30 this morning and I was about to have a meal to go with that.  I was completely starving.  After I made my yummy egg dish, I left the pan on my eye (I have know idea how to spell that–I can barely think) and well … left the room.  I smelled the pan burning, much later than was good.  It was burned so bad that a stainless steel pan with a copper bottom started oozing metal out of the disk on the bottom, who knows if the eye will work again.  I haven’t had the heart to try it.  I almost burned the supper meal, but  got there just in time to save that.  I have sworn off cooking for the evening — which leaves me with nothing but shakes to eat or chips. WAHHH

I really had a funny post about chins–with pictures and everything–but that is just gonna have to wait because I am dying here and am about to go and find something else, hopefully good for me, to eat so that MAYBE I can stop feeling like a zombie.  Don’t worry I don’t have a desire for cheese cakes and gorging … JUST FOOD.  I want another fish taco, but I am afraid of what could happen to the house if I tried.  Mike has forbidden me to drive–and he is GONE working–so I am stuck with non interesting food choices.  I wouldn’t worry about it if I hadn’t already ruined my expensive cookware and possibly my induction cooktop.  WHAA!!  So … I must wait until later to cook, when my brain has been restored.

I will probably stalk you all, those who have blogs, but if I am incoherent, show me mercy.  😀

Oh, I had lost a pound on my scales this am.  Liked that!  Who knows if I gained it back pumping iron–who cares–I got to EAT FOOD!  REAL FOOD!  YUMMMMMMMMM

Ok … I’m outy ….S


2 thoughts on “I’m so tired I burned the pan

  1. sounds like your hitting rock bottom. Thats a good thing… Because it means that very, very soon, youl be at the top of your game! Keep up the good work. You can do it!

    • Thanks Middy,

      I just think my body was pooped after all the new stuff I did to it last week. haha. It perked up after I got a little more food into me. 🙂 bout to head over to you so that I can catch up. 🙂

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