Some thin woke me up ….

Yep ... I am up now that it is time to go to SLEEP! Gotta love it ... actually I do! 🙂

I guess it was the last shake or maybe the pop corn that I made for Boo and me.  I just couldn’t finish up the beef stew, remember Mike forbade me to drive.  Since he rarely forbids anything I figured I should honor his wishes.  That and the fact that I melted a stainless steal pan — shaking my head that I did that.  I have NEVER seen that happen before, Mike, Onnie and I all looked at the pan, looked at the cooktop, and they looked at me trying to grasp how such a thing could happen.  I have to tell you it completely blows my mind.  I will have to go outside and dig it out of the trash and take a pic of what I did to that pan.  WILD!

I am having one of those moments where you want to blurt out socially unacceptable statements, don’t cha just hate it when you feel like that?  Well, you are probably nice and never have these kinds of things run through your mind.  Ok.  Stop that.  I am not talking about anything scary.  Hahaha!  Well, you will just have to take my word for it, because as I said this is socially unacceptable and I will not be posting it in a PG blog.  I could claim that I am having a brain warp moment, BUT given that I have made a case for waking up that just might be a hard sell.  The real reason I have that need to speak is MIKEY isn’t here (he had to go out of town to see about a job), we talk about everything … so … I will just have to wait.  Boo Hiss … and you thought is was something racy — get your mind out of the gutta!    😀

When I say made it regarding the pop corn, I mean that I went into the kitchen and braved the cooktop again.  This was huge, because I was still slightly foggy in spite of my consuming another shake.   I pulled out another pot and placed it on the “eye” that I wasn’t sure was dead or alive after this morning’s adventure, and popped up the corn the old fashion way.  I like making the pop corn this way, because I can control the fat and salt myself, ending up with about 150 calories in my snack without a bunch of bad-for-your-body-junk added.  Which is good.

I am going to work on the chins post and a few other things … catch y’all later …S

10 thoughts on “Some thin woke me up ….

  1. You might grab that pan and show it to the work-out equipment. You know, to let it know not to mess with you…. or else. hahaha. I too want a picture. LoL

    • Well, Desi, the pan held it’s shape, but inside it was no longer sliver but black, and on the bottom the copper flaked off in sheets, AND there was a silver bubbly growth protruding between the copper disc and the stainless steel. WEIRD!

  2. I love the collage of YOU! You are sooo photogenic 🙂
    I think you were having a CC moment there for a while in the need to blurt out socially unacceptable statements …

    I want to see a pic of that pan!

    • Thanks La Femme,

      I was so having a CC moment! So having a CC day. Burning the Pan??? What the heck is that?? I am going to go find that pan later. 🙂 Stay tuned

    • Well, melted the metal between the discs on the bottom of the pan — still way wild. never had that happen before. I have never had an induction cooktop before either. 🙂 Be like leaving a pan on gas–high heat. Not a good idea.

      I was really worried the eye wouldn’t work. It did and I stayed right there and promptly turned the pan off.

    • Haha! Yes, I melted something on the pan–there was hot molten metal oozing between the plates on the bottom of the pan. The coating on the bottom burned off. CRAZY. I am fine, just so tired I could barely think. 😀 Not a good thing when you are cooking. 😀

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