My Not-Exactly-the-Fountain-of-Youth Challenge

Don't be distressed by the strange facial expressions ... they actually make you have less lines and sags ... if they don't then you will laugh your butt off. So it is all good. 😀

Why am I having a challenge?  Well, cuz I think it would be fun to see if anyone else sees a difference, besides me. Also, I’m not totally sure how true my two weeks of regular facercise results are, so I thought I would see if I could enlist you all’s help to see if this really works.

You place your hands on your chest and press down for resistance. Then you tilt your head back while jutting your jaw forward and upward. You finish with your bottom teeth over your top teeth and your bottom lip kissing at the ceiling. 🙂 Yes, you looks special, but don't be surprised when your neck hurts tomorrow. 🙂

Interested?  Can you tell, from the pictures above what I am hoping you will help me with?  I have started with these chin exercises, something I knew from the past and well I am kinda desperate not to have turkey neck so I will give almost anything a whirl.  Well, after doing this for one week I looked over in a mirror one day and noticed that I had a more distinct jaw line.  If you do these exercises correctly they will cause your neck and jaw line to hurt as if you did crunches on a tummy.

Ok, I kinda got lost watching face exercising videos (some of which I have listed below–I am going to try and find Testy’s advice on how to do the cool video box).  I started this at about 9:30 AM central standard time and well it is now 3 PM … Sophie interruption and now it is 5 PM. Can you say distracted?  Life has a way of happening around here.

Next, you turn to your head to the right while holding placing your hands on your chest--press. Tilt your head toward the ceiling while jutting your jaw out again. Bring your bottom Teeth over your Top teeth and bring your bottom lip to kiss the ceiling to the right. Repeat on your left side. I do about 10 of each of these several times a week. 🙂

You all give these here video’s a look see and let me know if you all want to join me in seeing if Facercise really works.    😀

If you are interested in the challenge — let me know.  I know this sounds crazy.  I have never even participated in a challenge in the blogosphere, but I am sure there are at least a FEW other women and men out there besides myself who really hate the sags and bags.  These videos are guaranteed to make you laugh if nothing else.  I know besides making myself hurt really bad, I have laughed my butt off today.  My daughter came in the room and we were both making these strange faces and laughing hysterically.  🙂

Even if you don’t want to help me with my experiment — YOU GOTTA — try these exercises at least once.  You will laugh until you cry.  🙂

OH, I didn’t make it to the garbage before the garbage men.  So, no picture of the strange growth that protruded from the bottom of my blackened skillet.  🙂

Ok, so it let me either put one video with pic are all the links, but not both.  So.  Click the links to see the funny videos.


9 thoughts on “My Not-Exactly-the-Fountain-of-Youth Challenge

  1. The neck/chin one does work. My mom did it all her life, and others and had no neck sag up until her 70s. I don’t have any neck sag. Lines, yeah, lots. haha, oh well!

  2. Ok, it’s a sign of how highly I regard you that I have just been watching a video on “avoiding eye wrinkles”. I’ve got quite a few so there is already a significant backlog to deal with. We haven’t even started on the cheeks or mouth yet so the possibly workload is starting to overwhelm me, As I said when I first saw your Blog. You are a corker and a great character so if you fail by a wrinkle or three I would’nt worry to much. Your fanbase is resolute in it’s admiration.

    • Ducky,

      Your response made me and Mike laugh so hard I could barely read it. Thank you for making me smile this AM! 😀 I love that you call me a corker and a character. 😀 Thanks for making my day.

  3. Ive done facersize before during stretch routines. but I never knew it was a real thing. And I feel silly. Very interesting! That very last link had me laughing so much, it looked like the body snatchers. Its so cool that its actually a yoga thing. Lets all blow kisses. 🙂

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