Good Mornin’

Yep, blue skies smilin' at me. 😀

I awoke bright and early at 4:30 this AM with a slight headache and my ears were ringing.  Nope, there were no pots involved, only a box of organic veggie broth.   Poor Mikey, he has to deal with a slightly nutty wife lately.  We are both really happy about the raging lunatic that I have become.

You remember the melted pot incident?  Well, that happened because my blood sugars are starting to drop and drop hard.  This is a MAJOR good thing.  So, when I rose this morning with ringing ears I checked my blood sugar numbers to see if they were high (ringing in the ears happens when they are high), but they were not high.  The meter read 89–very good actually.  Low blood sugar numbers is a GREAT thing, but these changes makes for a nutty wife (for Mikey) and mom (for the Fam) to deal with.  This means that I am not rational in my anger or arguments … no smarty remarks about my not being rational (wink, wink); something my family is both used to and NOT used to.  I normally eat to control the ravaging affects of insulin on my body.  I don’t particularly like how it makes me act or feel.  I go to great lengths not to put myself or my family through all that; however, sometimes, like now, the horrible shifts are unavoidable.

It will take a bit for my body to get adjusted to this new low.  Right now it thinks that I am harming it.  Just to give you a clue how much my numbers are changing, just after the exploding broth-box incident I crammed an oatmeal cookie down my throat to calm my shakes–an appropriate amount of time later I checked my blood sugars; 110 was what they read.  Normally, eating one of those cookies spikes my blood sugar to somewhere in the 160-to-180 range.  Since starting OptiFast (my blood sugars rose a bit at the beginning of the program–yucky shifting then too) when I wake up my blood sugars are 125-ish to 140-ish.  So you can see there is a change going on in my body for my waking numbers to 89 instead of 140’s or so.

On a funny note: Once the broth no longer dripped down the tiles of the back splash and there was again a normalcy to my numbers I had to show Mikey and Collin the face exercise videos, and of course we all had to try them.  On a SIDE note — my face is killing me! haha!  There is this one oriental face exercise video that was so wild and funny, even though we could not understand a word they were saying we laughed our butts off, and of course we tried to do what they were doing as well.  GREAT FUN!

Oh well, Sophie girl is here and I am having to stop typing and scream, “the toilet! the toilet!”  I forgot to put the lid down and Sophia, like all little babies, loves to take phones or anything else electrical swimming in the porcelain pond.


See what I mean. I know I should have resited, but I just couldn't. I am gonna blame it on the blood sugars -- they are making me wild. 😀

Oh …. and my scales went down again.  Not much but still down.  Yeah!  Not official but still good news with my eating so much more.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!  Doin’ tha Happy Dance.  Gotta run ….. later gators ….S


21 thoughts on “Good Mornin’

  1. I think youv just taught me something here. Its been my experience every time I’m doing super well in the diet and exercize department, there will come a day when I crave bad foods so strongly that I pig out. Next time that happens, I’ll explore this blood suger idea. I bet that was what was happening for me all those times. Its good to see here, you say it will even out, if I just resist it and/or ride the wave of nuttiness.

    • That’s awesome Mida! I am glad my working through my crasies is a help. That makes them almost alright! 😀 Thanks for stopping by girl and making my day. 😀

  2. Just came across your blog through Eleanor I am loving it. I try to do those yoga facial exercises. I am 51 now and the lines are showing.:) I will keep reading for some tips from you. Keep up the good work and food luck with the sugar levels Shonnie.

    Ann (From Ireland)

    • Hello, Ann (From Ireland),

      Thanks for stopping by. I noticed quite a change with one day of doing the exercies. So, I look forward to seeing what will happen as things progress. 😀

  3. Shonnie I’m taking up face yoga hahaha wonderful – I certainly need it! The benefit of carrying the extra weight is that it does smooth out the wrinkles – and when it’s gone… WHOA that’s a shocker!

    That’s so good that the scales are being positive and kind! Good news too on the sugar levels! It’s all worth it! 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dizi girl! Sadly, they went back up again this morning. I did carbo load trying to get some strength for my muscles that have been failing me. We shall see how this works. I am beginning to grow frustrated with the lack of movement, but I am LOVEING the reshaping of my flesh. 😀

  4. Glad about the drops in sugar and the scale, it ALL counts BIG no matter how little. Thanks for the read and the giggles. As well as the facial exercises which I am considering already done so I don’t even need to now, right, LOL Have a sunny day, Shonnie! You ROCKIT Woman 🙂

    • Thanks Aurora. You are so right that the BS #’s are a BIG deal. Now, to weather the storm of my body as it gets used to the new lows. 😀 Very worth it.

      So glad you had fun with my post. 😀

    • Haha. I am not normal on many levels. The blood sugar thing is making me nutty, but it is about to be a very good thing. I experimented on myself for lunch and now I am sure that it is just a shift, so I will just suffer through for about a week and then I will feel good again soon. So, rest asured I am getting more and more well everyday–which is awesome–pretty soon I won’t need many meds. I really like that.

      Thanks Ducky. 🙂

  5. I just found your post and read your “About Me” which is fabulous. You’re a good writer and I was thrilled to see that you are in your late 40’s. We need more people who can help us laugh about life or it will drive us crazy. I’m 63 and I just published a humorous post about how “My Life is Killing Me.” If I didn’t laugh, I would surely cry every other minute. Keep writing. You made me laugh as I start yet another diet (good luck with that by the way). Is there an age when one can say, “oh the heck with it — I am who I am?” I plan to stop by your post for a chuckle every now and then. Cheers! A baby-boomer storyteller.

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by and making me smile. Love that you have to laugh — crying is just too heavy for me! 😀 I will be hoping over to give you a looks see myself. 😀 Come on back anytime ya hear?

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