The Dapples

This is the lovely Trail we like to ride on ... We will be there tomorrow. 🙂

I walked out onto my neglected deck, where the garden looks pitifully more like abused weeds than the sanctuary it was created to be.  Alas, there has been too little rain, followed by too much rain, further followed by too little rain again.  Many of my cherished plants are but blacken twigs, clawing from the cracked earth that is their shameful home.  Sadly, the lion’s head fountain is in no better shape; the poor lion is desperately parched–his poor copper tongue longs for a drip of water.  This will not be; for parts of the water feature that enable the fall have fallen into the pond that has only dried leaves in place of actual water … so the poor lion’s fated doom is to sit lonely and thirsty.

Still … I sat in my copper (sprayed and chipping) rocker in the dappled light of the sun, listening to the wind rustle the leaves and then caress beautiful music from the chimes.  The deep beautiful notes of the chimes, resonating like massaging fingers, soothe the tension of life stressors from my crowded mind.  Blissfully, I closed my eyes and allowed the sun to gently kiss my face as I listened to the birds, the wind in the trees, and the chimes …. I relaxed.  I relaxed so completely–sleep overtook my weary mind.

I awake from this blissful escape with a snort of my own snoring.  Haha!  Oh, well I suppose everything can’t be graceful, but it was wonderful.  I understand now why writers always use the phrase, dappled sunlight.  As I stare up into the trees in my groggy state, I see the dapple — it reminds me of an artistic technique of using dots or dabs to create the illusion of texture and movement in a painting.  It is funny, I think to myself, that as long as I have loved reading and painting that I only just made this connection.  No matter.  I enjoyed my respite in the dappled sunlight on my sad and neglected deck.  I do so love the outdoors.

Shortly, Mike will return from driving with Collin in his car, and we will go and spend the last of this beautiful afternoon in a stinky sweat filled gym pumping iron.  This is a good thing, since I could not go yesterday–completely missed my trainer nazi session.  Really don’t like missing those.  Donna keeps me on my toes.  Tomorrow …. oh …. tomorrow.  Mike and will rise early (5 AM-ish), load our bikes, and head to Piedmont, AL and get on the Chief Ladiga Trail and cross over to the Silver Comet for a nice long ride — I have missed this sooooooo much.  I am not sure if we will shoot for 40 or 60 miles, but either one will be SO nice!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  I know I am.  …..S


11 thoughts on “The Dapples

  1. Such vivid imagery of your wonderful day! Thank you for such a sweet read, Shonnie. Have a great time tomorrow (I got tired just thinking of 40 or 60 miles, that’s a lot, GFY!) 🙂

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