Ready, Set … CRASH!

Should have had a new shot of this creek with LEAVES on the trees, but alas it was not to be so. 😦

Sunday, we woke up bright and late at 5:30 AM–which wasn’t a huge problem since, in our excitement, we loaded up the car the night before, so we were READY!  We put on the coffee pot and sat back down to wait for the coffee to make.  What tha Heck??  How did we fall back asleep.  Confused, we looked into each others groggy eyes as we stretched, trying to wake up.  Then, we peered at the clock and lazily rolled our heads back toward the other questioning simultaneously, “How did that happen?”  We woke up THREE hours later. There was still time to jump-to-it and rush out the door to get there after a quick breakfast, which was also prepared the day before, but we had no get-up-and-go in us.   Instead, we snuggled and asked each other what the other wanted to do.

Morning breath is monstrous, so we gave each other copious hugs and only a few pecky kisses before rolling out of bed to grab our pre-made breakfast and coffee.  Over breakfast, we discussed again the prospect of hopping in the car to head toward Piedmont and our ride.  You have to understand how much we LOVE riding, for our struggle to mean anything.  WE LOVE CYCLING!  We love LONG bike rides–this is one of our passions.  I looked over at Mikey and said, “Honey, if we couldn’t wake up, as excited as we were about going, maybe our bodies are trying to tell us we need to rest.”  We decided that we would listen to our bodies and just hang around the house and be active close to home.

When we finished breakfast, we went for a walk up the lovely tree-lined, shady street we live on, ahh what a wonderful day.  We quickly decided to take an adventure. Down through the woods we trod toward the open drought-plagued-mostly-brown grassy hill behind the baseball park, further onward to Veterans Park below for a pleasant walk around the grey graveled trail there.  We just had to be in the sun; we just HAD to be outside.  We had longed for the days that would come, hoping they were here, to enjoy more pleasant weather … only something happened while we lolly-gagged around in the bed that fine Sunday morning … the HEAT came back … with a vengeance.

I thought I would die.  I looked like I would die.  We had barely made it to the walking trail when those claustrophobic feelings clawed at my mind, robbing me of the joy of my moment in the sun.  I noticed the strange looks on the faces of my fellow self-flagellant pilgrims, who were as committed to the pursuit of better heath as we were.  My fellow travelers’ faces telegraphed their presently formulated question and/or possible conversation, as they sucked in air and waited to exhale until they passed us on the trail.  There was concern on their faces, that or distain.  I checked myself for unusually bulging areas or stains on my clothing; it wasn’t until much later with a look into the mirror that I pieced together what had cause them to pause; mouths open with rude stares.  Times past, I always assumed they were looking at the fat girl, wondering if she was about to die from the heat.  I mean, I know I was wearing skin tight moisture wicking clothing that leave nothing to the imagination, and I don’t have a perfect figure, but surely I don’t look so bad that they would gawk at me such, at least this is what I told myself.  I asked Mike, “Do I look ok?”  A lascivious grin spread across his face, and he said, “You look a lot better than alright.” That was nice, but I wasn’t sure that this was a good thing either; my goal was to be cool, not come across as a prostitute.  Who cares, I thought to myself; I am so hot I think I am going to die, screw it all.  I kept walking, determined to make it back to where we started–home.

Once we made it to the park restroom and I finished with necessary parts of the facilities, I made my way to wash my hands.  The girl who greeted me in the mirror was Lobster red.  Now, I understood.  My fellows passing by had been wondering if I was burnt to a crisp.  I wasn’t.  I was just hot.  I wondered, “is this why they called Native American Indians ‘Red Men’,” because I was VERY red.  I started splashing water on my whole face and body (further making my outfit shameful–at this point I did NOT care).  The heat had built in my body, and I looked as if I had been dropped into hell’s furnace.  My face was crimson all the way to my eyes.  I would have been concerned that I had a sunburn, but I had shades on and still my eyes were bright pink.  I matched my shirt.

Soaked down with water, I sat with Mike to cool off in the shade and ate an OptiFast Bar before we headed home.  It was official: we made the right call to stay home, but we had over estimated what my body would do and made the wrong call to go for this walk.  Needless to say, we didn’t take the trip to Oak Mountain to bike and paddle that we planned once we realized we would not head to Chief Ladiga Trail, because something was going on with my body.  Boo Hiss!

We managed to get a few projects done around the house–which was good.  We went to bed early, and well I have been kinda puny all day today, so no exercise.  Leaves me a little worried about tomorrow’s weigh in.  Oh well, next week is another week, and if I can’t make this work I can always go back to full formula.  Life’s good, even when it stinks … and lately it has been stinky.  😀

Oh, and the facercise has been going well.  I am trying out a bunch of different expressions — I will share a few more photo’s with y’all — soon.  😀

… Later …S

11 thoughts on “Ready, Set … CRASH!

  1. Wow! I did a run this weekend in 29ºC heat and it more or less turned out the same way. Bad decision. Clearly, the couch doth beckon, and once in awhile I gotta listen! Glad you’re okay 🙂

    • I do have one, but I didn’t take it with me. I had my 24 oz water bottle. I can’t wear my camelback in this humidity. It hits me in such a way as to make me hotter and I just can’t take it. We keep trying to come up with a way that I can attach ice packs underneath the camelback to cool off, but so far have not found a way. 😀

      • how interesting for you to say that… I’m always saying the same to my hubby. Just a little pocket is all it needs. I may have to try sewing one someday.

  2. The main thing is you got home safely. I’m not good in the heat so I might have looked as bad as you. I wonder how long it took you to cool down. Good luck with the weigh in as always. Possibly you sweated off some pounds whic might be a surprise benefit. Anyway I shall wait and see

    • I know, it was a good thing we got back safely. There was a bit of a doubt for more than a moment or two. It took a while to cool down Ducky, a LONG while. No luck on the sweating off the pounds.

  3. I am very happy to learn you’re not going for the prostitute look. I wondered. 😉

    And I’m still here, just buried where you can’t see me… oy vey.

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