Weigh In #34


Howdy there folks.  I know you want to know: Am I a Loser or a Gainer?  Don’t cha?  

Well, blast it all I am a 


I gained Half a Pound (0.5 pounds gained for you number folks).  I know I should have made you wonder longer, but I just didn’t wanna.  It has been a pretty good day all things considered.  I know I should be upset, ‘cuz normally I am upset when I lose a pound, but I am not.  Why?  Well … let me tell you …

It started with the weight gained.  I lost a pound of fatGained a pound of muscle and a half a pound of fluid or close to that.  I can’t find my sheet to make double sure right now, but that is what I remember reading off to Mikey.  Since I am still trading muscle for fat I am pretty happy with the whole set up; all this with eating 1400 calories a day. Would I have liked to have lost a pound?  Heck yeah I would have.  I will take it a step further and say I would have LOVED to have lost about 5 pounds, but that didn’t happen.  So, we are happy with what things we can find to be happy about.  What do I have to be happy about?  Well, let me tell you …

I am Happy about my muscles.  They are starting to show themselves.  Yeah. Yeah. Yeah (said with the nasal quality of the annoying girl Marnie in the movie She’s Out of Your League).  When I am walking on the treadmill the muscle on the outside of my knee flexes and jumps with each move I make.  Looks N…I…C…E even if I do say so myself.  We won’t talk about the stretch marks and saggy skin on the inside of my knee–they aren’t as cute. BUT the other muscles in my legs are looking very nice.  I have indentations where I didn’t know I could have them and they are pretty alright by me!  Smilin’ big here.  

The muscles are tightening up in my arm and well … they affect the whole ricochet of my arm when I wave hello or goodbye.  I mean seriously it was getting so bad you could hurt your self with the back lash of loose flesh–I’m just sayin’! When I showed this to the ladies in the clinic waiting area they started howling with laughter–Of course I had to show them when I was telling them, there was even sound effects and acting out of the possible damage of these activities. So, you can see how I MUST maintain that gaining muscle is a good thing.  I must also add for your private benefit that I like the fact that when I dance and wiggle that my flesh doesn’t take on a mind of it’s own and throw off my rhythm with rippling vibrations of its own (don’t worry, I only show Mikey those kinds of things–well–maybe my Mamma.  Oh, I almost forgot my girls–who squeal how GROSS).  Still, Yea Me!  Muscles are GREAT!  😀

I am Happy about the way my bra back is smoothing out.  You know that patch of skin that sags, bags, and hangs over the bottom of your bra strap in the back.  Eeee Gads!  Love them lat pulls!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  (That was said just in my own quasi southern drawl)  😀

I am Happy that I can feel my bones.   I know, cool huh?  I have bones!  I actually have hip bones, knee bones, ankle bones, pointy elbow bones, collar bones, butt bones (which Mikey isn’t sure he is so happy for my finding, as they stab him if I sit on his lap), and occasionally you can even see the bones in my hands and feet.  Sshhh–don’t tell anybudy, but I have knuckles! Haha!  Completely AWESOME! Who knew?!?!  Well, of course skinny people know this, but I haven’t seen mine in so long I honestly wasn’t sure I had them any more.  

I am happy with my Facercise.  I have seen some pretty cool results in just a short period of time.  NO!  I don’t look like I had a face lift, but still my turkey neck isn’t gobblin’ so loud these days!  Oh and I had a blast today in the waiting room after I finding out that I had gained that half pound, by giving the folks a demo of my new facial exercises.  I am pretty sure that they really had a blast with my demo since most of them were holding there stomachs and proclaiming between giggles and snorts that they wish they had recorded this or that pose and put it on YouTube.   Several of the ladies decided that they were gonna google face exercises the next time they need a good laugh–I think everyone should.  Ahhh … I know I had a great time laughing and cutting up with everyone today.  Laughter does the heart good like a medicine.  I make sure to take ample doses of laughter with all bad news … just sayin’.

Now, what is next for me?  I think I am due for some retail therapy, cuz all I have been doing is dealing with junky problems lately.  I am also gonna get me a tape measure so I can see if I am losing inches–oh–and that IS NOT what I mean by retail therapy.  Just wanted to be clear.  

Keep Smillin'! 😀

So ….. with that lovely news … I bid you all ado …S


16 thoughts on “Weigh In #34

  1. I reckon on of the best things about losing weight is discovering things that you forgot you had!! Like Muscles and bones!! Good Work Shonnie!! Love the facercize by the way!

    • I was losing my noodle on the squishy. The muscles FEEL GREAT! I kinda wish I could have the muscles and the weight loss at the same time. We shall see. I am getting to the point where it could start turning again.

      Crossing my fingers, sayin’ a prayer, and hoping that the scale starts to turn down again.

  2. You are an awesome writer Shonnie,,,ever thought of turning this into a book!..how do I share this blog with a friend…I can send you her mail. She has had her own battles and is winning

    • If you want I can e-mail you a link Nancy that way you could share it with her. Yes, I am going to use this blog as the format for my story. 😀 Thanks

    • Greg,

      This is what I pray I am doing. It is the goal with the shift. I am getting very close to the two week point that I usually start to see a turn around. Sometimes it takes as much as a month though before changes begin to show up. To keep my focus during this time is the main goal.

  3. I am so very happy for you. So often people only look at the number staring at them from the scale without considering the ancillary benefits they are deriving from an infinitely healthier lifestyle.

    Congratulations and good luck in continued success,

    • David,

      You hit the challenge on the head with that comment. It is so very hard to keep your focus on healthier living and not worry so much about the scales. So far I am holding my own, there are days I look at the shakes and say — hmmm — maybe I just want to jump on this and getter DONE! I am going to keep pressing forward for now.

      Thanks for the wise words,

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