Blah … blah … blah

I can’t think of the way to write the Charlie Brown teacher talking — so that is my rendition of her speaking to the class.

I am very tired as I sit writing this post–extremely tired–smelling of burgers, hot dogs, grease, and fries–possibly even nacho’s.

I have had about THREE good months of down-right-agrivating-stuff one thing right after the other–when’s a girl ta get a BREAK?  I am so tired I can’t even think of a funny way to tell you about it.  That always does my soul good — to laugh at the crud that life throws our way.  Making fun of the nuttiness that is our lives does my heart good — cuz who the heck wants to cry about it anyways???

The nuttiness of my life?  Let me count the ways:

There was water dripping from the roof to the ceiling upstairs, water leaked from upstairs bathroom through the light fixture of the ceiling downstairs–such a nasty mess (This makes me think of Eleanor and her house she wrote in a more entertaining manner).  The bathtub and sink of the same bathroom upstairs are stopped up–fun!  This doesn’t count the garage door, the front door, or the back door.  Car shopping, get a great car–then it has problems.  Thankfully, a great guy sold it to us and is repairing said vehicle no cost to us–still we have had to run it all over town and will be running it again on Tuesday–YUM! Then there is my beloved Cervelo who’s gears need repair and I think my rear wheel is out of true.  Boo Hiss!

Then there are the things I have done to my body.  Sophie girl gave me a cold that has made me drag like an old hag with a hobbled leg.  I cut a hunk out of my left heal. I cut a hunk out of my pointer finger on my left hand.  I burned the knuckles on my left hand–seems like I don’t like the left side of my body.  Both my feet hurt very bad after this evenings adventure in Band Mom Concession Duty.

I did well with my diet all day, but after missing the dinner meal, because I was up to my eyeballs in french fries, hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, bottled soda, and bottled water, when the madness settled down I ate one of them cheese burgers.  Mind you they were NOT worth the cheat and I did have a shake with me, but I seriously wanted salty food at this point.  Not the best choice of my life.   Mike was stationed on the fryers–making French Fries all evening.   While I was a runner for all the orders from 2 windows–sometimes 4 windows (there were others who helped with the second set of windows–but it was my main job to get things for both sides).  As told by my fellows, I am a hard worker.  They shouted their praise of my efforts as I acted on their request–grab a basket of fries with one hand, plop the chicken sandwiches on top with the other, kick the warmer closed with your foot and grab the bottled water all the while listening for the next order shouted, and there you have the dance I did most of the evening.

My cute critter and some of the Band Gang. Aren't they cute? 😀

Mike has passed out — and I am tired — so over look all the poor grammar and spelling.  I have brain fog from eating cheese burgers and a few bugles.  Hey, I was a good Band Mom.  Something Collin was so proud of that he even rejoiced that Mike was being a great Band Mom too!  haahaha!  …. Niters S

13 thoughts on “Blah … blah … blah

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  2. I have had similar cycles. The hot water heater broke, I turned to look at something behind me and walked into a telephone pole, The universe is sending a serious wake up call. Now I pay attention at my first foot tripping so no more black eyes. (smile)
    Here’s a hug sister.

  3. I’m reading this at 3:30 AM on Saturday because my back and foot pain woke me up. Life is hard enough without injuries and body pain!

    I’m sure you are the best band mom, ever. That makes up for pain and cheeseburgers, right? Well, almost.

    • Bless YOUR HEART MOM! I acutally mean this in a sweet way. I so hate injuries and body pain–not sure if we can get around that. I am a very CRUDDY band mom. I am in much better health now so I can help, last year I did nothing. I would NEVER have been able to take all the heat that room put off last year–not with an extra 70 pounds. So, I will be helping the band out a lot more this year.

      What made it worth it–the smile on that kids face because we were there. That made it all worth it. 😀

  4. That is a cute picture, Shonnie! And what spelling and grammar errors? I never noticed any of those. But I did notice your “humanness” and have to say thank you for making me feel like I belong in this world after all. I currently have a bruise on my arm, caught below my eye with my fingernail in what appears to be a cat-scratch, lol, blisters on my feet from walking nearly 7 hours today and then there’s you. I just want to wrap you up in bubble wrap or cotton swabs, poor heel, owie. Stay safe and go have some fun now after all your “dancing” LOL 🙂

    • He is such a cute. This is the autistic child. Thanks for liking my humanness. 😀 I pray we BOTH stop hurting ourselves. It was quite fun–even if it was tiring. 😀

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