Playin’ Hookie

I am not sure how to spell Hooky-Hookie-Hookey — oh well, you get the idea.

Today, Mikey, Collin, and I have gone to the gym and lifted weights for about an hour and then laid around in the bed watching movies.  Yes, Collin hopped up in bed with us, and there was a Wilson family sandwich in our bed.  I always like it when the big kids jump in the bed to watch a movie with me.  There have been many a time when the youngest daughter was still living at home that she and the older daughter would climb in the bed with me to watch movies for a lazy girls night.  This is something that started with my mother and father.  On the weekends, we kids would always climb up in bed with them for snuggles and tickles.  Sometimes, even now, I will for the fun of it hop in the bed with my Mamma and Daddy.  Wonderful old and new memories.

Today’s marquis of “True Grit,” “Meet Bill,” and some other movie about “Lies and Alibis” kept us company as we lazed away this day.  Yes, we had GOBS of stuff to do; heck, I was even supposed to go and get my hair done (believe me when I tell you I NEED my hair done), but girlfriend here just wasn’t up for anything.  I have had the headache from hell (probably the tropical depression moving through our area–I tend to have these reactions to tropical storms–Total Pain).  I love playing hookey-hooky-hookie, especially when Mikey is by my side.  Collin was a super fun addition–totally loved it when he climbed up in the bed beside me.

After an especially rough week, I went for some retail therapy on Friday–very short therapy–and bought three pairs of shoes for me and two pair for my daughter.  I had Sophie girl with me–she always is great company on a shopping event.  Her father called for her early and then something came up that interrupted my further extending my shopping adventure.  You remember the Concession Work–I knew better than wear myself out shopping when I would have to work in the heat all night.  Sadly, there are several other things on my list of “retail” Therapy List that had to be postponed given it was not possible to make it to the shops to pick them up.  Sadder still, these shops are closed for the Holiday weekend, so those purchases will have to wait for Tuesday to be completed.  One is my new ring — the one I was supposed to get months ago when I passed 200 pounds — I happened to find several designs that I loved, combines an heirloom stone (Mikey gave it to me years ago–their term not mine) with a fabo new setting (the problem with the settings I picked was that my stone would not fit–back to the drawing board). Very special–I am terribly excited.  If I could only make up my mind and that has been a challenge–I’m a girl, and I am given to changing my mind from time-to-time.

Life has been so stressful; if I lose this week, it will be a MIRACLE, because there have been days where I have not logged a single thing that passed my lips, and then there were the occasions where comfort food came into play.  Not many times, but it doesn’t really take a lot to make things flatline.  How did I go from being so ordered and diligent to this willy nilly girl that isn’t staying on any path??  Gosh, I have NO idea, the stress has probably got a lot to do with it.  I emotionally don’t want to deal with even one more thing–especially not being creative in my cooking to enjoy food that is on plan and good.  I’d rather not eat most days this week than have to work at it or plan something–just no energy to work at it.  Life happens and when you don’t have a plan or simple solutions in place things can be come complicated and dicey where a lifestyle change is concerned.

Lifestyle changes require an enormous amount of energy; something which, lately, I have in short supply.  Amazingly, my workouts are keeping things static, and this is a very good thing.  I think I have found a very useful tool for keeping my life stable once I move to maintenance; however, it is not working well for losing.  I have a good plan that would work for losing, but one must actually follow the plan for it to work.  The main setback for my plan working is planning of meals — there in lies the rub — sister has no brain power to plan meals.

8 thoughts on “Playin’ Hookie

  1. If you believe it is difficult or hard to keep going, then it is hard and difficult. A day or two like that doesn’t stop you, a week or making a habit of living this way can stop you cold.

    Since my last race I was eating like crazy, but also training. Yet I didn’t really loose weight. That changes – controlling my eating once more and still training – saw my jaw bones and chin coming out slowly.

    So I understand you current phase. Also one needs it to slowly find the new life balance of eating and sports. So don’t worry, but please don’t stop either – always be on the watch!

    Wishing you all the best.



  2. We all need days like those, and honey, you know we all have weeks like those. Even if we’re superheroes in real life, we all gotta clock out sometimes 😉 So glad to hear you had such a lovely day of snuggles and movies. We might do the same today 🙂

  3. OMG. You call lifting weights and writing on your blog playing hooky? (however it is spelled, LOL) Glad you enjoyed your day off, the bed sounds so good to me right now. So do the movies but I’d likely snore to everyone’s annoyance, LOL

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