Tomorrow …..

Happy Birthday to Me?

Tomorrow is Weigh IN #35 and my 48th Birthday.

I am not going to lie here — I really DON’T like the idea of having a weigh in day on my BIRTHDAY!  What a DRAG that could end up being.  I think the scales should tip down about 10 pounds in recognition of my birthday and all the hard work that I have been putting in.  It won’t do that of course: I didn’t put in that kind of work for that kind of weight loss.  If my scales will continue holding the loss I have seen over the last two days … I could be in for a HALF POUND weight loss —  WooT!  Woot! Yeah! Me!  (I say sarcastically as I slump over typing this note to you all.)

My birthday was a day I seriously thought would be a day of great rejoicing, because I was on target to reach my goal by this time.  It was my goal.  FAIL.  I am still the same 35 pounds from my goal weight that I was Three and a half months ago.  This could be taken as a MAJOR Failure to reach goal.  This could be taken as a Failure to recognize what needed to be done and taking the initiative to do what should be done.  It could be seen as a Failure to follow through on prescribed plans of success.  You could say:

      • I have failed to reach my goal of being at my Goal Weight for my Birthday.
      • I have failed to log my food daily this week and for the last three weeks.
      • I have failed to follow the eating plan that the docs laid out for me for weeks.

In short, you could say that I have failed.  I don’t view it that way.  I view it this way:

    • I made a choice to build muscle.
    • I made a choice to eat real food.
    • I had stressful days for months that make it hard to think, much less log food.
    • I have tightened my muscles and they look MUCH better than the floppy flesh.
    • I know that I can maintain what ever weight I manage to get to with a lot of latitude in eating–VERY EXCITING.

I say that I am a success.  Why?

    • I have not quit.
    • I have not gained back even 5% of the weight lost.
    • I have learned what foods I can eat to lower my blood sugar numbers.
    • I have learned that my food choices will be fun and I will maintain without much effort.
    • I have found a way of life that I will savor keeping up–major win.

My health has improved measurably– some meds will be going soon.  😀

So I win.

My original goals were S.M.A.R.T goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). I wish now, with hindsight’s 20/20 vision, that I had stuck with the full formula until I reached my goal of 150 pounds.  I was in the liquid groove, and it was working well for me.  Shifting over to food sounded so incredible, but it has been mostly a frustrating experience for me.  Not for many others in my group, they have continued to lose, some have lost better than on the full formula–me–not so good.  When I added in certain foods it was as if I unleashed a flood gate of cravings.  I think I have a better handle on all this, but still wish that I had made it straight to goal with no hiccups or bumps, but that was not to be my lot.

I really hope Lee lets up enough for me and Mikey to go out and ride tonight. 😀 Come on Lee (not Irene--Irene hit NC not the gulf)!

My lot was to have an adventure with yummy foods will that work wonderfully for maintenance, but not for weight loss.  So, my birthday won’t be quite the celebration that I had hoped for, but it will be great because I am healthier than I have been in YEARS.  😀

Still … I think I should get a Birthday Weigh In Pass … just sayin’ … S

13 thoughts on “Tomorrow …..

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  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! You have done an amazing job Shonnie and I thank you for sharing your journey and for being a part of mine, your are an incredible inspiration!

  3. Shonnie you are doing an amazing job. You most definitely are NOT a failure and you most assuredly ARE a success. Goal weight shmoal weight! you’ll hit it soon enough because you are a new person with a new attitude. Your photo with Mike says it all. You are having fun, losing weight, changing your body and changing your mind.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. I don’t care so much about your failure or success. What I am more impressed by is your ability to pick yourself up and have another go. I can truely say that discovering you in the BLogosphere has been one of my greater pleasures. If you read this on your Birthday I wish I was with you to share in a nice slice of low fat cake ( groan) and celebrate a life which is more inspiring than it knows

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHONNIE! Forget that weigh-in! No matter what the scale shows YOU ARE A WINNER LADY! The definition of a winner in my book is someone that does not give up and that is you Ms. Lady! So enjoy your 48th B’day and revel in the joy that is yours and all you have accomplished this past year in attaining better health. Bridgette. Why can’t I post a graphic in a comment… I WANTED TO POST YOU A BIG BIG BIG BIRTHDAY CARD. WordPress needs to fix that. 🙂 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Shonnie – enjoy the day no matter what the scale says. And don’t regret the choices you made – they seemed right at the time. Learn from them, move on and you’re doing great girl!!! So many others have quit before getting near the accomplishment you have…..this is a lifestyle change. You have a whole life ahead of you still!!! Don’t stress over this little bit – be very proud of all you’ve done!


  7. Enjoy your birthday regardless of the scale. And hindsight always seems perfect. You seem to have made legitimate choices for legitimate reasons so the goalposts have moved but you are still heading for them.

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