Draggin’ Booty Part II

WOW!  Donna “the Trainer Nazi” Jones must have done something new yesterday … cuz I have multiple catches in my get-a-long, and my booty is draggin’ today.  I just couldn’t summon my will to crawl out of the bed for anything other than food.  I think Sophie girl had another touch of cold, and, well, it is raining on my parade.

Never fear, I will ride my bike until I drop this weekend no matter how cruddy I feel. I have waited for Mikey to take off to be with JUST ME!  I am not going to give that up NO MATTER WHAT!  I’m just sayin’.

I still am not sure if my pics will be from the beach or from the trail … either way I am going to savor my/our Birthday week of family lovin’.  Poor Mikey, his birthday is December 24th, and it is very hard to savor his birthday for all the other events and responsiblities so my birthday has become our birthday.  I plan on making sure we get to enjoy this.  😀

Stay tuned for a weekend report … S


9 thoughts on “Draggin’ Booty Part II

  1. (I am farmgrrl up there)

    I just want you to know that you (among others) inspired me and I’m starting Optifast! I just had my consult today and I go in for my medical exam on Thursday! I have copied you and started a blog about it too, at http://optifast.tumblr.com/. Not much there yet but I want to post a few times a week to track my progress. Thanks again for being an inspiration.

  2. Laughing…. can’t crawl out of the bed for anything other than food! LET’S SEE… CAN I RELATE? YES 🙂 :). Bridgette

  3. LOVE your thinking! My ex stretched special occasions out by saying this is my birthday “eve”, then after the day, this is my birthday “boxing day,” and then it grew into my birthday “week,” my birthday month LOL LOL We can’t afford it, I’d say, But it’s my birthday eve month, he’d say right there in the aisles. It was hilarious and all in good fun. Hope your weekend overflows with joyful memory making!

  4. I have a confession. I just took about a week and read your WHOLE BLOG from start to finish. Every post and every comment. I am so inspired. I know you have had a rough couple months but you are still amazing! I have subscribed now so I can keep up with you.

    I have a consultation with the Wesley Weight Management clinic here in Brisbane, Australia, set for Monday. They use Optifast for people who have a lot to lose. I have about 100 pounds to lose. If I just want to get to “overweight” I have about 85 pounds to lose. I am nervous about the idea of doing a liquid diet, but I am also PUMPED UP because I discovered your blog, and Optifast Loser, and Optifast Blogger, and so many other wonderful ones. I have been reading and reading blog posts to get myself prepared for this consultation.

    By the way I am living in Australia now but I am a Georgia girl. I love reading your blog posts with your “accent”. It really comes through.

    Anyway I don’t want to make this too long but thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I have made a Blog for this too but I have not written anything yet because I want to see what happens Monday first. I will let you know what it is after I write something!

    • Sorry I didn’t know it was going to use Gravatar. I haven’t used that account in years. I need to figure out how to unlink it. I don’t go by that nickname anymore. You will usually see me as Misty or MistySJ!

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