Back from the Beach

Where have I been?    Mikey wisked me away for a weekend of fun.

I did have fun, poor internet connectivity, but I had great fun.  Lazy days in the bed, longish ride to pretty locations along the beach … and ummm I had a little too much food and ummm a couple of drinkie poo’s.  I had a lot of fun …

Sadly, I am up several pounds.  Am I up because of how much I ate?  I’m not sure.  I have had a bunch of Tummy issues.  I know I am swollen from the drive.  It is possible that it is from the cheese, bacon, and jalapeno french fries I had with my grilled fish salad … I don’t know what do you think?     😉

It could be the pain in my neck, and NO I don’t mean Mike, I mean a a serious pain in my neck that started a week ago and that inflamed in tight ropes of crippling tension up my neck yesterday as we relaxed on the beach.  As I sit typing this post my neck is attached to a TENS 3000 machine, yes I am shocking the patooty out of myself to alleviate this pain.  Don’t worry, this neck thing is just one of the many boo boo’s I deal with as a part of my life and it is a tad bit of a pain, but I am gonna be fine once the shocker does its job.

Well, my legs have fallen asleep so I will be back in a bit … S


3 thoughts on “Back from the Beach

  1. Actually I just received a note about a new post about “pain”, which got me worried. So I browsed back until I found where it started. Apparently this post.
    Just read this one, off to next, newer one. OMG fingers crossed it is not serious!!!!


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