Neck UpDate

Cheers! hehehehe

Well, I am so far behind checking up on you guys, but I thought you just might get a kick out of how my life is working out for the moment.  😀  It could be the brandy talkin’ …. you all let me know.

I have no muscle relaxers, so … what’s a girl ta do?  Break out the Brandy of course.  The pain in my neck had reached critical mass.  I was scretching in pain.  I haven’t had this kind of problem for about 3 years!  Dang it all!  I had to break out the neck brace–usually Sophia is the only one who plays with this blasted thing.  I love brandy … hehehe … I am starting to feel REALLY good! Hahaha!  Diet smiet!  Who cares that my diet is blown now for sure!  I am on my second snifter of my yummy brandy.  I have to say this tastes way better than the pain meds–no nausea!  hehehehe ….

I'm in good spirits considering. ... haha that just might be the brandy talking. hahahha

Dinner and my diet??  Well, I am not well … so Mikey … being his helpful self has made fried cheese, pizza rolls, and pizza!  YUM! hahaha!  I will worry about the diet another day.  We already know I blew it over the weekend.  Not that I had been bad all day … in fact I have been great up to this point.  Pain and medication has made me NOT CARE …. Hahahaha!

Ok .... it is probably time to eat the fried cheese and drink some more ... then apply the heat pad ...then drink some more medication .... manana ... S

Love you guys!

Oh … probably won’t  be weighing in tomorrow … driving could be a challenge.   I will be contactin the doc in the am about meds … booze or meds = weight gain, but I gotta deal with this pain.  Just sayin’




18 thoughts on “Neck UpDate

  1. Oh my! You poor thing! Yikes… I go on a blog-cation… and all hell breaks loose! I can’t believe you’re hurt. Definitely drink some more… So sorry that happened to you. ~Pam

    • Thanks Pam!

      I know … hell has broken loose over here … hoping it will get back to normal soon. I am now on meds … so I am not a drunk everyday now. hehehe 😉

    • I know, Martin.

      It is starting to worry me. It has happened before, so I know what to do … it is just a very slow recovery process. It may knock me out of my race in October. Which Completely STINKS! Just sayin! I know there is next year and I will live, but I am sure you can understand how frustrated I am over this. 😀

  2. Ghurl… you cracked me up! Your entire neck snafu (well, really your *response* to the neck snafu (and you can substitute the actual words for the acronym if you want, I won’t tell)) is killin’ me. At least you know I feel your pain! Take lots of meds, drink what you need to, and go to bed!

    • I do know you feel my pain, Beth. You live this way more often than I do. It has been SO LONG since I had to deal with it to this level. I always have pain, but not often like this. Usually I can manage things, but this just got too far advanced before I could control it. Thanks for your support girl! 😀

  3. Oh Shonnie 😦 I feel for you – I really do. Hoping it settles down quickly! Also hoping today’s weigh-in will be a good one, I think the scales can often surprise us in a nice way – so hoping you get a nice surprise – but you have to tell me… how the heck do you fry cheese? lol the only cheese I know that can be fried is Halloumi – ooooo I love that with fresh chopped tomatoes and basil 🙂

    Take things easy – enjoy the brandy… now you’ve given me another thought 😉 I haven’t had brandy for ages!

    Sending you love xxx

    • Thanks Dizi,

      It has made keeping up with folks quite a challenge. I have missed everyone. That cheese you mentioned sounds very yummy, but it will have to wait until I reach goal. Dear God … how could I have gained 10 pounds in such a short time?!?!

      I love brandy! just love it and port

  4. Ouch. Feel better soon, Missy, I hope the drinky-poos helped ease your pain a little, if only temporarily. Spinal anything is never fun. But you are and even in pain your pics and writing gave me a smile. Now how is that for life management 101: Triple A for you 🙂

  5. Shonnie… My first question was going to be… What happened to your neck? But you answered in another comment. I’m about to fall flat on my face from sheer exhaustion but decided to see what you have been up to. OMG.. great minds think alike. I just walked in the house and headed straight to the frig and pulled out not one but two Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade and downed both in about 3 minutes… And if I had some Brandy I would have downed that as well. I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER TOMORROW. Over and out >>> Bridgette

  6. Haven’t posted in some time, but reading along daily! Girl, I know that neck pain, I have a disc or two which go completely out of line, so much so that I actually have to push (gently!) on them to get them to go back in…yeah, dangerous, I guess! Never will I ever have surgery on it and I sometimes go to the chiro and have him pop them back in. I used to go every other day…’til I saw the bill! So I pray over you and ask for your healing as well as my own~~Love and gentle hugs~~

    • my neck has been messed up for a while. The best I can show is the letters down below … a present from my first husband. It went out a few years ago and sometimes acts up … I keep it in traction. Last week it went out when I was under a bunch of stress and well … it got really bad yesterday and then today it maxed out. NO exercise for me today. Boo hiss!


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