I am in so much PAIN

Home Traction Machine ... yep I'm still in pain....

I am kind of annoyed with my docs not calling me back.

Needless to say … I just love having two very stiff high balls to get the pain down to a manageable level.  NOT good.  I would LOVE something for pain.  I’m just saying.  On a scale of 1 to 10 my pain level is vacillating between a 9 and a 15.  Booze just doesn’t cut the pain enough … well … I guess it would IF I would drink the whole bottle.  Just not my speed.

It is hard to feel funny at this moment when the pain is pushing itself up towards the 15 mark and the drink has worn off.  I have no one to take me to the doc to get worked on … oh help me LORD.  I know I can make it through this.  What a DRAG!  Just sayin’.

On an oddball note my scales were down 3 pounds this am putting me very close to where I was last week.  Still, I didn’t make it in to weigh in the pain was just to much for driving.  Not sure when I will get in to weigh.  I just want the pain to stop.

I think it makes me look like I got an over aggressive brow lift. Well, it is time to get back on the machine.

I just got the call from the Doc they can’t do anything until tomorrow … I won’t say what I am thinking about these butt wipes … I just cried.


28 thoughts on “I am in so much PAIN

    • Thanks Lafe …. it am working to hang in there. 🙂 Trying to catch up on you all while I don’t have new meds in my system … I have to lay on an ice pack to be off meds. Life is always interesting. Hope you have been well. 😀

    • Holy Hell is right … it has been a Fun return from the beach … of course I am being facetous here just a touch. I have aquired pain meds. They tend to nock me completely out. I was supposed to get my hair done, but that just isn’t happening with this boo boo’d neck. No way jose! 😀

  1. Why in the he#* can’t they do something! Technology is advanced enough for them to PICK UP THE P H O N E and call-in a script. I’m just saying! Bridgette

    • Because you know how many people get addicted to drugs … you have to jump through hoops to get these meds because of addicts. Really pissed me off. Just sayin’>

      Thanks Bridgette for being there. You are super dooper!

    • Thanks for checking on my Grumpy.

      It did feel like that the first two times I used it today. I caused me an enourmous amount of pain, but then it started getting better. THANK GOD! I was dying! Just sayin’ 😀

  2. I’m so sorry Shonnie!!! Hope your neck feels better soon. I have a few neck/back issues so I can relate, but I don’t think my painlevel has ever been at a 15!!! Sending some love your way xxxx Oh and great about the 3 pounds lost!!

    • Mel,

      this has happened only twice that it has gotten this bad. Thankfully, after three traction sessions, followed by liquor, followed by several ice pack sessions, followed by Mikey massaging my my neck and stretching my back my pain level is down to about a 6 1/2 to a 7. I am not moving though. Not fun. We will get there. 😀

  3. CRAP – lousy medical system……I wish I lived closed, I’d be buy with my tool box of pain meds for you. In the mean time hang in there and hopefully someone will get you fixed up.

    • Sometimes it really is crappy! I have an appointment for tomorrow … it will take two weeks to get referred over for the physical therapy I need … gotta love it! 😉

    • Thanks for checking on me Martin.

      I had a GREAT weekend and then … the pain set in. It isn’t a new injury, just an extremely irritating one! Thanks for crossing your fingers and toes. Hoping soon the Traction and stuff starts to do it’s number. The last time this happened it took 2 weeks to get back to normal. I REALLY don’t want to go through that!


  4. 😦 ohhhh I had hoped all would be well today – good news on the scale though 🙂 clouds… silver linings and all that 🙂 I’m holding a good thought for you dear Shonnie! xxx

    • Thanks, but not better and worse because I have been drinking to kill pain while I wait for the docs to get me some meds. Which means weight stall if not weight gain … oh well. Life goes on. I will kick it in the butt in a bit!

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