Celebrate the High Points

I have arisen from my drug-induced state of sleep and am going to try and attempt to rewrite the lost post from earlier today.  It is hard to remember much between the pain and the medications; my brain is quite cloudy.  I wanted to update you all while finishing sharing a bit of my WONDERFUL weekend.  Such a pain-in-the-neck to have suffered from neck pain after returning from such a glorious holiday with my love.  BOO HISS!  I’m just sayin’.

The neck: well, we are still stiff and achey, but alive after a fashion.  The medications help some for loosening the tense muscles that have kept everything in exquisite pain for the last 4 days.  The meds help me do the work necessary to endure the pain of healing.  My prayer is that it will not last two weeks as it normally does when this kind of pain starts up.  This is the reason for my beloved Trainer Nazi; she keeps me moving forward and out of danger from these type of things happening … alas, the issues with my body will flair up from time-to-time, regardless of a well-laid plan.

I have done a bit of walking to keep my body moving and as un-stiff as possible.  Mikey and came to the conclusion that I should eat Transition phase one … which is 5 or 6 products and 1 meal.  I have chosen to break that one meal into bits throughout the day so that I do not feel mentally deprived of eating all day long.  So far it seems to be working for me.  Gotta do what I can to slow down the weight gain from inactivity and meds.

First Day and our Maiden Trip around the property ... we may have ridden a total of 20 miles that day when you count riding to Winn Dixie.

This is the smile that still melts my heart after 24 years. 😀

Mikey holding his "Margarita" and his water. Me with my club soda and lime. It is a good thing that I opted for this seeing I had 2 skinny drinks with friends L & P at the docks. (I didn't ask them if I could use their names). Very yummy drinks we had, I skipped the cake, and filled up on the laughter and great conversation. Wonderful night.

Me and Mikey on our Second day of riding. These are pics from different stops on our 40 plus mile trip we made. 😀

There is just something divine about riding your bike to different and beautiful locations.  We took a few moments this trip to soak up the local beauty everywhere we stopped.  These three pics were at diffent beaches along the way.

I still hate full body shots ... does this mean I am going to head back to the shakes sooner rather than later? Hmmmm ... I am contemplating.

Not much has changed since the last time I took a photo in this shirt … sad I know … but at least I have not out grown it!  Smiling.

There is just something about diggin' your toes into sand that is just grand ... even if that is under the water.

There is something fantastic about burying your feet in sand even when it is underwater.  I think I am a beach girl … love my time down on the Florida Gulf Coast .  I am working on Mikey about starting a branch of our business down here … I think I am on to something … whatcha think??  hehehe!

After 24 years (we have known each other a tad longer, but in Feb it will be 24 years married) he is still my favorite person to spend time with. We had a great birthday weekend (we celebrate both our birthdays together with a trip on mine, because his is the 24th of December).

I am working myself into full formula-ish life style, so if I whine and groan and complain … will you all stand beside me?  I gotta get this under control.  I can’t let my body, in pain or otherwise, control my life.  I have to make the choices I need to be a success in my own eyes.    😀

8 thoughts on “Celebrate the High Points

  1. I’m sorry you’re in so much pain right now. It sounds like you had such a nice time on your vacation and you have a plan for the future. You know that weight gain is water weight, right? Easy come, easy go. You will go back on Transition Phase 1 and it will melt off. You are still my hero!

  2. awesome photos! I think you look wonderful even in a full snapshot 🙂 You are looking amazing my friend. Love the beach. ughh I miss those times (digging your toes in sand under the ocean water)

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