I lost an entire post.

Makes me nuts

I am on medication and stuff and horribly frustrated.

I have gained, according to this doc’s scales, 10 pounds in a week …. seems hard to fathom I could gain so much in one week.

Well, I am too stressed out to write my post again — so this will have to do.

See you all later



12 thoughts on “Update

  1. Oh that happened to me on Saturday!! I wrote a big emotional post and then something happened and I lost the whole thing!!1 I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoyed! I went to the gym and did a killer workout and felt 100% better! Bummer about the 10 pounds!!

  2. How is your neck pain? I hope you’re through the worst of it and able to get back to working out. Regardless of the weight gain, it always feels so much better to get out and sweat. Take care, kiddo.

    • Grumpy — I have done this in the past before, but I am hoping that it isn’t all liquid medication that did this to me. I have a few other issues at the moment besides the neck … so hopefully some of this gain is those things and they will go away quickly. šŸ˜€

      I am back on mostly liquid food. Here’s hoping. It will not take me a month to get this off.

  3. Oh I get so frustrated with WP – it happens to me all the time Shonnie – losing posts… though I do have to put some of it down to me being a dizi technophobe lol

    Okay… 10lb… I agree with WJ’s post too – WATER?!! Have you eaten salty food? It really wont be 10lb of fat – just keep going Shonnie – you’re having a really difficult time with your neck pain – you need to be kind and considerate to yourself – don’t worry about this blip – just keep going and it went on in one week – it will come off in one week! Sending you massive big hugs and lots of love xxx Keep going girlie cos it has to be done – and you’re getting there – it’s just a small bump in the road! xxx

    • Well, normally I write me posts on pages before posting, but this time I did not and Wha La … it ate my post. Dizi … it could be the drinks I had over the weekend and then the ones I consumed before I got medication … so this could be the real deal in weigh gain. Such a DRAG!

      I will keep on. I am already scaling back my food to pre-workout levels so that I can slow down the weight slide.

    • I was so angry, that I wrote this cruddy post to replace my well thought out post. I hope you all are right … but I was using alcohol to mediate this pain … that has mucho calories … so this could be real weight gain. YIKES!

    • I hope you are right, but I just started the meds yesterday and not before the weigh in. I still do not see how I could gain that much in so short a time. It has happened before. My body does crazy stuff.

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