Adaptations of Pain

I'm looking onward and upward towards a brighter future ...

Hello Dear Friends,

I wanted to update you all as to my overall well being.  As my title states and as I have mentioned before, I have adapted my eating pattern to work with my general lack of activity.  How have my changes worked for me?  Well, according to my scales I weighed 193.something (I can’t remember) the day the Doc’s scales said that I weighed 194 and, as of this morning, my scales say that I weigh 189.2 — so the diet change is working even with being heavily medicated.  This is the good news.

Sadly, the pain is still present in my body.  It seems this time is going to be one of those two week jobbers; well, at least I should be recovered for my 30 year High School Reunion.  Wanting to be fit and well for this special event has been the driving force for drugging myself and torturing myself.  I hope it lets up enough for me to get my outfits purchased and my hair done.  Gosh my hair is in BAD SHAPE!!  It is just hard to want anyone messin’ about my head and neck right now.  😀

I have been so looking forward to this gathering of my buddies.  I love my high school buddies; they are truly the best sort of people.  Many of them have supported and followed me in my battle to lose weight.  They are always there, telling me to press forward, not to give up, how proud they are of me … like I said they are amazing.  Oh and do they know how to party!  OH MY WORD do they know how to have fun … this will be a memorable weekend.  I can’t wait.  Even if I am in pain I will be there: it will be too much fun to miss.

So forgive me if my posts are spotty; it is hard to put thoughts together in a drugged state.  This morning, I decided to take a few moments to write before the pain and drugs set in my body again.  Please, don’t worry about me; this is just a part of my life that I work very hard not to experience–sometimes you just can’t get around your body’s quirks.  I have quite few of them.  I have learned to adapt to my sometimes-non-functional body.  Donna helps me keep my ankles and knees strongs so I don’t fall; she helps my back stay strong so I don’t bend over and stay that way; and she helps me work the muscles around my neck and shoulders so that I can be strong and this neck thing does not often shut my life down.  Alas … Life happens … things go wrong …

Life happens, and we roll with the challenges.  I think I roll pretty well most of the time.  Heck, this hasn’t happened in over 3 years so … THANK YOU DONNA “The Trainer Nazi” JONES for helping me get most of my life back–Most days pain free.  Love you girl!

Thank you all for your wonderful support; your comments and well wishes keep my spirits lifted.  Know that I am reading your posts my fellow bloggers … it is harder to comment, but I think of you often and wonder how each of you is doing, and keeping up with you has become a passion.   As my mother has often said (and Beth [A leaner me] recently) ” this too shall pass,” and pass it shall, and I will return to my normally functioning self.  Aby-normal though I am, I shall return soon.  I can feel it!  hehehe!

Me longing for the day I can get more grease on my legs from a nice long bike ride. Smiling just thinking about it. 😀

Blessings ……S

12 thoughts on “Adaptations of Pain

  1. Shonnie… with regard to the pain and the rude little scale… remember the pain meds will cause water retention which in turn means the rude little scale is going to lie a bit. (I told you it’s rude!) Hang in there! Keep your focus as much as you can through the pain and what is required to get that under control. In truth, the pain is the first priority and weight is the second. One is a quick battle, the other the long war. But, you can do it! The pain will eventually pass and you can once again wage a war against weight. And you’ll be successful, of this I have no doubt. And just think, by the time the reunion rolls around, you’ll be pain free and rocking a serious dress! (Right?! There will be magnificent wardrobe, right? Please don’t let me down on this!)

    Still praying! 🙂

    • Thanks Beth — I was trying to find something before this whole pain thing took over. Mike and I are going to try and go out later this evening to see if I can find something. I really am NOT safe to drive myself. I sure hope to be rockin’ something AMAZING! hehe! Pray for me that I find something when we go out as I am not sure how much shopping I will be able to do. It is so fun to go into the shops and choose from things you like NOT just what will fit. Somethings are a bit snug still. I can’t wear a dress under the size of 16 unless it stretches (the twins ya know).

      Thanks again for the encouragement … now i have to lay back down … tooo dizy

  2. I’m in the market for a Trainer Nazi. I did some damage to myself a couple of weeks ago (basically via the idiotic thought that I really don’t need to stretch before a 10k trail run – yes, that’s right, I went to university and everything). No running for me until the microtears in the cartilage and ligament heal. Boooo!
    I’m sending healing vibes your way, my friend. You’re doing so well, in spite of everything. You rock, lady!

    • They are awesome to have, Desi. Look or ask for one with a background in Phyical Therapy. I have learned from some of my Tri friends that the stretching afterwards is what keeps you from the doc. You may want to check that out. Donna makes me do warm up stretches and then serious stretches at the end. Thanks for all your support. You are such a blessing.

  3. Shonnie,

    I am so sorry to hear you are in pain right now. I have learned to live with chronic pain of varrying degrees since I was in a car wreck in 1992. It does hijack your life. Keep the positive attitued, and I hope you have a blast at your reunion.


    • Thanks Michelle for stopping by. Living with chronic pain is such a pain sometimes … like now. hehe. I will have a blast at the reunion. Those folks are fantastic. 😀

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