Super Sunday

Me and Mikey with Sophia sleeping on her Ami after her dedication Ceremony. The cute girl to the left is my daughter's best buddy Jewelia and her fiance -- what a special day. (shhh don't tell anyone, but I was trying to get the chips out of my teeth to smile for this pic, but I didn't make it before she snapped it--Oh well.)

Hello there Folks.

I had a great day with my family.  I was a good girl all day … until … the chips came out, and I was an hour late eating.  I did eat about an ounce of those yummy chips and salsa before my black bean soup came out.  Besides the bean soup and chips, I ordered well: I had grilled Tilapia served with yummy Pico de Gallo for my meal.  The server was not particularly great, and he took WAY too long to do almost everything–Still we had an amazing time with family.

See ... she is a little angel, look at her halo. Seriously, this is just a bad shot of a cute subject. We left the "good" camera in the car.

Sophia had a blast once she woke up.  She loves playing with silverware.  Simple pleasures.

Sophia and her Cousin L ... they loved poking at each others eyes and mouths ... they had a great time together. How fun and cute they both were. 😀

She was so CUTE during the ceremony.  When the pastor started playing the with water she looked back at her Mom  as if she was asking is this OK?   I absolutely love my daughter’s in-laws; they are so supportive of her and have even included us in all their family gatherings.  Their generosity of spirit makes our holidays blessed indeed.  No squabbles about who’s going where.  😀

Gosh, I love my family.  Yes, I was still on muscle relaxers for this event and several times family and friends were concerned that I would fall over.  I almost did fall over, thankfully there were trees to catch me.  Mike asked me after we left, why I wore heals … duh …  as if I was going out wearing funky shoes.  Besides, I didn’t have brain cells to devote to sensible decisions–the only thing I was thinking about was how super dooper my new Speery’s were going to look with my outfit.  Later, we should have a group family pic and some others with me alone — maybe one of those will come out good enough for me to share so Beth and Dizi can get the low down on my hotness factor for the day.  hehehe

I have a bit of a dilemna … I need to go shopping, but I can’t drive myself on these medications … I need a babysitter, but no one is available. Dang it!

Well ….. it is time for me to load up on meds again …. hasta la vista, baby … S

9 thoughts on “Super Sunday

  1. These are very charming pictures. I can just imagine the laughter and babbling conversations. But shopping… my dear, have you not discovered the wonders of online shopping yet? heheh It’s SO very fun to do!

  2. Shonnie you look beautiful!!! and your baby girl – she’s breathtaking – she reminds me of my own daughters when they were little – it’s the blonde hair and cherubic face! I’m so glad you had such a lovely time xxx

  3. Oh My God. Brain Fuggle. Meant I would go do your shopping for you but my fingers just have a mind of their own on this keyboard and my mind isn’t strong enough these days to tell them otherwise, LOL Sheesh. Anyway, beautiful family and beautiful photo of all of you, so happy 🙂

  4. What a beautiful picture! If I lived near enough, I’d go get your meds for you. What I can and did do was nominate your blog as one of my faves for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details are on my pages and I hope it gets you at least a few more reads as I think that is the goal. Thanks for your ever inspiring posts, lovely woman with the lovely family 🙂 Love the way you share!

  5. What a lovely day. Your grandaughter looks a delight. And chips. May have fallen to their temptation including me so it could be a lot worse. At least you lost a pound recently, and with wllh your difficulties with your kneck etc, a little treat is easy to forgive.

  6. Looks like a wonderful time! Chips and dip.. yum! Never had black bean soup. I might have to look into that. Thank you for sharing your photos and the story behind them. That is wonderful that yall can be together, if only every family could do that 🙂 Hope you heal quickly.

  7. Dang skippy! Hotness factor is muy importante! And of course you rocked some heels for this occasion. I would’ve broken my no-heels, no-make-up rules in a New York minute (because theirs are shorter than yours and mine).

    I’m glad the day went so well, drugs or no drugs!

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