Hag Sags and Wild Hairs

I sit here with strange men outside my window working on my eves.  My husband arranged this and woke me with a call to tell me about it just as they were arriving.  I was going to avoid medications for a bit in hopes I could drive and find some clothing before the pain set in … but that was not to be.

Not because of pain as you might think, even thought I have some, but because in my leftover stupor I decided to cut my own hair.  Not the smoothest of moves.  I now look at the scattered cuttings from my sadly shrinking hair (for some weird reason it has started falling out again).  I know great hair dressers, so why didn’t I let them cut my hair?  God only knows.  It probably stems from the drugged stupor I am living in at the moment, and there is also the shame factor over losing so much hair that it is hard to figure what to do with what is left.  Half the time they are afraid to do anything with what is left and I am desperate enough that I will go for it … and go for it I did! HEHE!

So …. NOW what?  Well, I am probably going to break out the bleach, the foil, and the plastic caps and see what other trouble I can stir up for myself now that I got this thang started! hehehehe.  The good news to all this is I was, once-upon-a-time, an excellent Stylist myself–people paid me big bucks to do their hair–so I normally do better than most stylists on my bad days (though not always).  The neck and back injuries put a stop to my even doing it as a hobby–the pain is beyond maxed out when I try.  I love all things hair, makeup, and spa — do I ever love to be pampered.  Even when I was a full-time stylist I didn’t do my own hair as a rule, I like the pampering better.  Nothing like a great shampoo and professional finish to your look.

So what is my major rub with paying someone to do me up right?  It just seems a waste to go in and pay (I am not going to list how much I pay to have my hair done–I’m picky will have to do for now) for hair that I am really not going to be in love with.  I won’t be in love with it because of the stylist, but because I barely have hair to style.  Totally stinks!  It probably means I need to go and visit my hormone Doc again … have I mentioned I don’t like all the docs?  Hair falling out and saggin’ skin — soon I am going to be ready to play the part of the old hag in any new witch film.   Thankfully, Mikey is going blind (lovely built in filter he has–all the wrinkles are blurred), and that he sees me through the eyes of love helps bunches.  I will be fine, even if I’m haggy.

I’m gonna rest a bit then if I get the courage up to doctor myself I will be back later on with pics.  Hehehe — don’t worry– I won’t be showing the Hag Sag, cuz I know how to hide that ugly thing for a photo.  Remember the duct tape!  HEHE!

Tomorrow is weigh in day!  YUM! hahaha!

Later Gators …S


12 thoughts on “Hag Sags and Wild Hairs

  1. Awww I think it could well be hormonal – I am feeling it right now too! I’m waiting to hear your weigh in result for today – wishing you good luck with it Shonnie xxx Keep being nuts – I love you when you’re nuts lol you always make smile xxx

    • Sorry Dizi … I am sure that you have gone to bed by now. I will be posting in a moment so you can catch up when you wake up. 😀

      I can’t help being nuts — it is just the way I was packaged. 😀

  2. Hmmm. I just had my husband cut my hair down to about 1/8″, but that’s probably not the look you’re going for. I’m really not into hair and makeup, but I used to pay a fair bit to have my curls cropped close. I didn’t love it, though – I know what you mean about that. And fortunately my beloved has that same problem with his vision. Blessed epidemic, that 🙂 I hope your pain eases up soon, sweet lady.

    • WOW! That is very short Desi, but you are very slim and it looks good on you from what I can see in the photo. I keep threatening to do that. hehe and I probably will one day — well — not quite 1/8 but maybe 2 inches! hehe. Gotta LOVE the blessed epidemic of messed up eyes. Me too Desi. Me too. I waited until late this evening to take the meds because I wanted to catch up on everyone. I feel so disconnected. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Shonnie…. Just getting caught up and checking in with you. I am sorry about the pain 15 level. My wife has Epstein-Barr which we think is connected to mono in high school. So every few years we have a pain 15 level around here. I am sending you positive energy and hoping you feel much better soon… Someone should get the sissors out of your room… Cutting your own hair while on pain killers is drinking and driving in North Carolina….

    • I hate to hear that about your wife — wishing you all the best as well. Chronic anything just plan stinks! Your comment made me laugh over and over again. I kept repeating it to everyone. So was it as funny as I thought or was it the meds??? hahah! No, it was funny, because Mike laughed everytime I repeated it — or was he laughing at me. hehe thanks for the smiles. 😀

  4. At least you didn’t hurt your funny bone. Could you imagine trying to make it through all of this without your sense of humor? Aye-yi-yi. Your hair saga is killin’ me! I was laughing through that… and I guess you should be warned about what may occur when drugged up. 😉

  5. Ohhh Shonnie – remember my recent visit to London? That was to see someone called Lucinda Ellery for my daughter – I understand bad hair days! I say you need total pampering when things go a bit pear shape! Do you know what’s underlying the hair problems?

    For me… having lost the weight from my face – it’s the wrinkles that are getting to me – I’m even considering maybe I need some work? hahaha ah well, will we ever be happy with ourselves?

    All my love to you dear Shonnie xxx

    • I think I could be happy with myself if I didn’t have the curtain of skin that moves from side to side as if I am 65 or something, and then top that with hair loss. It is probably hormonal. I probably need a tweeking now that I have lost so much. We will see what the test say. Before all of this is over I am going to feel NUTS. Wait … I am already there. hehe 😀

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