The dissapearing Weigh In

I am sorry that I am so late for those of you who are faithfully following my progress.

I didn’t make it in to the weigh in.

Mikey behaved like a Neanderthal and said I was NOT allowed to operate a motor vehicle (this may be due in part to my episode of cutting my hair while slightly medicated).  I purposefully did not take the muscle relaxer in the morning, because I wanted to be able to drive to my weigh in.  I mean really who does Mikey think he is??  My husband or my daddy that he can boss me about like a child???  OK, so I am a tad out of my norm right now, and it is quite possible that I am not fit to drive, given that I sometimes walk sideways leaning as if the world is on tilt, but that was seriously no cause to become such a boss-about–I’m just sayin’.   😉

OK, so you know Mikey is a good guy, ‘cuz I have told you so on many occasions; even though he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, then snores keeping me awake, and periodically (more than he likes to believe) behaves like a butthead. Still, I must clear up something for you as to the WHY Mikey didn’t want me to drive.  It is like this, the meds don’t clear out of my system fast — they sorta linger.  Add to that I have to drive wearing a neck brace — need to wear it when I ride with Mike too (he constantly whips my neck around–he isn’t used ot the breaks in my car–OUCH!).  Add to that, this morning we had a Monsoon blow in.  I mean the skies opened up and dumped the entire month of April on our fair city.  THEN, add to that there were wrecks all up and down HWY 280, which is a pain in the rumpass even without neck braces, medication, or monsoons.

I went back to bed, but not before jumping on my scales to see if I had continued to lose. I had.  I was down from 193.something-or-other to 186.2 (I am back up to 187.6 this evening) — which means I weigh about the same as the last weigh in, but without the muscles (Boo Hiss on the lessening of muscles).  So … why … if I didn’t go weigh in, did I wait until almost midnight to make a post?  Well, it is simple, I feel asleep and then my daughter took matters into her own hands and persuaded one of E’s highschool buddies (who is a hair dresser) to come to my house and repair my hair for me since my neck was making me nuts, and unable to drive.  She said I didn’t do too bad with my hair on drugs, but she had to work on the color.  hehehe.  Did I mention that I attempted color on drugs?? hehehehe .. well … I did.  😀

I know … I’m brilliant … Right?!?!

I will post some pics of my head and my new clothes (Mikey–the bad guy–came home and drove me to buy new clothes for my reunion) …. I can feel a fashion show coming up ….

… That is if I can stand up long enough to have one … hehehe …. S


4 thoughts on “The dissapearing Weigh In

  1. Good for Mikey!!! You gotta love that guy :)… see I’m speaking US here? lol 😉 seriously though – he was totally right – and a weigh in can wait – let’s face it, this is a long term lifestyle change that doesn’t depend on the weigh in of one week – I’m so excited for you re the reunion – I’m having a little one of my own on Friday – I’m off with a friend to my old home town and I’m meeting up with Wendy and Esther who I used to go to school with – in the Goodwood photos 🙂 and we’re having a night out on the town – I can’t wait!

    Bring that fashion show on!!!

    Love ya xxx

    • Dizi — there is NO one to take the pics. Everyone is so busy these days, totally stinks, but I will make Mikey take pics of me before we go out so that we can do the “fashion show” that way. 😀 You and Beth have hooker boots, well I have STRIPPER shoes. hehehe Saven the boots til goal.

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