Weigh In #36 but really it is Weigh in #38


Today was packed full of Docs.  The spinal Docs and the weight Docs.  The spinal doc was a very likable woman about my age, and we talked about weight loss in our late 40’s and what a great chore that can be, as well as discussing my spinal pain.  She sent me in for Xray’s, and as far as the Xray showed no further damage, but we have to wait on the MRI to say for sure.  I am scheduled for a MRI bright and early Thursday morning. My spinal condition worsened today after she stretched my flexibility to its utter limits.  OUCH!

Two weeks since my last official weigh in how do you think I did?

Remember when I went to the Internist that I weighed 194 — YUCK!  My scales showed a weight of 193.8 — Mine weighed me 186 this morning.  Well, today I weighed 184.0 on the Official Scales.  This after two weeks on medication and weighing 194 a week ago.  Two weeks of almost NO opportunity for exercise, other than weenie 30 minute walks and one reformer session.  Two weeks of eating 1,400 calories.  Several days durning that two weeks where I had to drink for medication.  At the reunion, I had to choose between having a few drinks and medications (I opted for the few drinks with my friends).  After all those anomalies, I lost that half pound.  GO FIGURE!

I have NO idea what is going on with my body.  It often behaves as if it has a mind of it’s own.  I am very excited to have my weight down if even by half a pound.  Down is Down!  I know that I made wise food choices, and I counted the cost of which foods I would partake of.  Honestly, the food options had to be better than a shake, or I would just drink my meal.  I was not wasting my calories on cruddy food.  On several occasions, this optifast girl just popped the top on a strawberry brick.   I have fought way too hard to get this far, and I am not blowing it for the sake of “having a good time” … gaining weight would NOT be having a good time … I’m just sayin’.

This coming week is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. Why?  Because I am heading BACK to Louisiana for a Wedding.  Louisiana = food. Usually good food.  I plan to limit my fried foods and sweets.  You all can keep your fingers crossed, send me good mo jo’s, and throw up some prayers for my good success in my dieting adventure for this coming weekend.  I am fully stocked up on shakes and bars, I will also be making a trip to the market for acceptable snacks–fruits, veggies, and rice thins.  Things like that make me “feel” as if I am eating cheat foods without the grief of actually going AWOL.

Something totally amazing that I discovered over this last weekend: while chips are still the bomb, chocolate bars and certain bready treats just didn’t taste as good to me as they once did.  So — YEAH ME — for the changed taste buds.  That means lifetime change is complete in those areas.  When a piece of fresh fruit tastes way better to my pallet than a bad-for-the-body-sweet-treat, I am just gonna run with it shouting “Hallelujah” all the way!

Well, gotta turn this tired body in, I have a LOT to do tomorrow.

Blessings …..S

6 thoughts on “Weigh In #36 but really it is Weigh in #38

  1. Good luck on your travels. I know how hard they are for me! I love vacations and travel but they are H E double toothpicks 😉 on dieting. But you are so right, a good time one night that jepordizes the “good time” of maintaining a weight loss just isn’t worth it. Good luck and have fun!

  2. Water weight can really play with our minds and cause tons of stress. My weight has been bouncing all over the place within a 15 pound range and other than 2 real cheats, I’ve never eaten enough calories to gain any weight let alone 15 pounds. Sodium and other things that cause water retention can really wreck havoc on my Grumpiness Level.

    I’ve been on this diet for 19 months and I never thought about the fact that I drink about 8 pounds of liquid a day so sodium levels can really cause my weight to fluctuate like crazy.

    I drink 4 giant 32 ounce cups of water, coffee or diet grape flavored water every day. Sometimes even more depending on how dehydrated I get from my bike ride.

    I’m surprised my weight didn’t fluctuate more during my diet, but along with my diet I did watch my sodium intake like a hawk and since I hit my goal I have been using a lot lot lot more sodium which has led to the crazy ups and downs.

    Oh back to you… 😀

    Glad to see your nice dip and hope that neck problem gets fixed soon.

  3. Two things, my beautiful friend…

    First, WOOHOO! Oh wait, was that out loud? Yes it was!!! Go you!!! How incredibly awesome that your scales were all so polite and your body decided to give you a gift after putting you through such pain for the past few weeks! I’m so happy your trip was fun! I can’t wait to see photos… (hint, hint)

    Second, regarding the turkey neck you looove to complain about… I’ve found that a frequent dose of any moisturizer/lotion containing shea butter has helped firm up my skin. I just went to Bath & Body Works this weekend to get a new container to work on my belly, thighs, and upper arms where the skin is less that gorgeous. Months ago, I religiously used it in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson’s Purpose (face lotion) on my face and neck (or ‘kneck’ 😉 ). The skin left over from the double chin that fled town tightened up with the use of these two items and is now in great, smooth condition. It took a few weeks, but they did the trick. (I keep meaning to tell you this and just remembered at midnight… I really need sleep, too!) And right now they have a scent that doesn’t flare up my allergies, but smells pretty and fresh: White Citrus. It’s a tangy, lemony scent and it just makes me feel nice and clean and fresh. You can choose any scent you want, though… they all help firm up the skin.

    But back to my first point… YEAH!!!

  4. Sounds like you are training your body to go after the right foods for good energy. 🙂 I like your attitude….”down is down!” Be careful in Louisiana! That place has lots of boobie traps. 🙂 I am here now and they are everywhere!

    • Ohhhh can I say……………… I TOLD YOU SO, I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOHOO! That’s fabulous – you’re doing good girl! 😀 I’m so proud of you – this little challenges we face make us stronger – they really do, then when you get to goal you’ll look back and see the value in every single one of them – because when they are all put together they are enough to make you realise how important it is to stay at your target weight – you’re doing it – you’re getting there! I’m so so happy 🙂

      Big BIG HUGS!!!!!!! xxx

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