Sittin’ in the parking lot waiting to go be squished into this tube. I do not like tight spaces. I have something to calm me down should I need it. YIKES. Someone said it could take men two hours. I sure hope NOT.

I’m bout to head in there. I will see if I can get in there. You are going to love this. I just looked at my paper and my appointment is @ 9:30. Not 8. OK–I’m here @ 7:46. Think I might be nervous??? Just a little.



21 thoughts on “MRI DAY

  1. Hey, Shonnie, hope the MRI goes well and that your nerves about it are history by now. You are such a lovely woman that even as you “grimace” for the camera, you look beautiful. Wish I had your bone structure, awesome 🙂

    • I was stuck in Cellular Hell. I couldn’t post. I could barely call. I couldn’t even keep up with you all by reading. Usually, at the worst I can keep up with everyone even if I can’t comment. It was crazy bad connectivity. I think there are too many people using in the area where I was, because the last time I was down there I had no problems.

      • I had begun to wonder if you’d fallen and couldn’t get up… bonked your head and knocked yourself unconscious in an ungraceful heap further injuring yourself to the point where you were unable to call for help after banging your larynx and causing temporary paralysis or some other such foolishness… lo and behold, you were just caught in the world’s largest cell bubble. Whew, it was close, but it looks like you’ll survive.

        Thank goodness! 🙂

      • Beth. You are so witty. 🙂

        I have missed chatting with you so much. Thanks for keeping up with me. In Louisiana there are bugs in mass so I found it hard to go in search of a good spot outside for a better web connection. Hehe.

        Can’t wait to catch up with you. 🙂

  2. So as the victim, er, recipient of multiple MRIs, my questions are: Have you had an MRI before? Was the fit in the tube better?! Whenever another MRI is ordered for my back (it’s just a matter of time), I’m intensely curious to know how much more comfortable I am in the tube. And I always close my eyes before they push me in there… then I’m less aware of how tight the fit actually is.

    • Beth.

      I don’t like them any better. I did like that my body didn’t stick to the sides as I went in. They had to put arm rests for me. How awesome is that??

  3. Pardon me, but you don’t look fat. Good luck with the results – but it’s great you have a sense of humour.

  4. Firstly I am very pleased you ae feeling a bit better and more with it. I’m pretty confident the MRI scan will not show anything after what the nice doctor said, and lsing weight, even half apound after what you have been through is a great achievent. Well done you

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