Is youth waisted on the young?

I had NO idea this picture even existed ...

Gotta love the picture of me that was flashing, over and over again, across the the wall all night for folks to see.  Totally can’t live up to my youth, but then I am not sure anyone can. I know I don’t ever want to be “THAT” young again.  I wouldn’t mind having the body, but NOT the ignorance–just sayin’.  How exhausting that time of my life was–Youth is for the young–something I am not in number of years, but in attitude YES!  I think I will be young until I depart this world and move into the next.

I wasn’t exactly excited about the pictures from my high school reunion, but I am going to share them anyway.  I felt pretty that night, but when the pictures came in I wasn’t very excited.  It sorta drove home my frustration with being in this blasted holding pattern.  At least I know when it comes maintenance time I will not have a single problem holding my weight steady, but I have to say that I am ready to get on with my program of losing.

OH … enough with the whining … on with the show.  By-the-way: I don’t think youth is waisted on the young.  All that youth is the energy required to make it to adulthood and forward.  Just imagine trying to relive that time at the age you are now … makes ya tired just thinking about it.


Gettin ready our first night ... sportin' my skinny jeans and my hooker heals.

A closer view for Dizi and Beth! 🙂

Dizi and Beth have their hooker boots and I have my stripper/hooker heals.

Me and Mikey getting ready the first night ... can you see the tooth paste?

The outfit for reunion night. If you see dark marks on my legs those are the bruises left from my last bike ride with Mikey. 😀 Oh and Mikey was a huge hit at my reunion -- no surprise there. The funny thing was they put "MIKEY" on his name tag. hahaha! I should be in trouble, but I am not. Hehehe. 😉

Have I mentioned that I really hate my hair cut?  I did this to myself so there is no one to blame.  YUCK!  I needed to add here Mikey had to MAKE me wear these shoes out of the room.  Well, make me is a bit strong, he had to keep telling me how hot I looked and that he loved the shoes and wanted to see me in them.  There was this young (ugly I might add) biddy girl in the elevator down who said to me, “you look so tired and it is only 7:30, how are you going to make it all night.” In my defense I was muttering under my breath questions to Mike about was he sure about these shoes when she shares her lack of wisdom with me.  She say’s this to me, while wearing what looks like a gown she has slept in for days with hair that has the appearance of never having been brushed, and horribly applied make up.  I looked at her with what I am sure was hatred and spat at her, “well I am 50 years old what the hell is your problem?” as I stomped out of the elevator.  Not a great start when I was already nervous.  Mikey loved the shoes so I wore them and I danced in them.  So there!

Me makin' faces at Mikey while dancing with my buddy Lisa. I had a ball ... fat or no ... yeah baby!

Life’s good … Blessings … S

14 thoughts on “Is youth waisted on the young?

  1. Shonnie love those shoes!!!! I adore animal prints!! You don’t look fat at all!! Very sexy! I must say when I first looked at that pic of you when you were younger I wondered why you had put up a pic of Katie Holmes and then realised it was you!! Damn girl! Loved it! You’re a godess!!

    • I Love them too. Hahah … on the Katie Holmes! You are very sweet to say I am a goddess … funny thing is … I think I acted more like one when I weighed more??? What’s up with that?

  2. You look fab and you’re glowing inside and out! I hope all friends see the real you and aren’t so superficial as miss who you really are. As for the shoes, you go feel! I’m jealous because my knees don’t slow me to wear them, but they are the rage!

    • Awe Leigh … thanks. I just realized I missed these comments. 🙂 Thanks for being such a sweet heart. I needed that–even though I am late getting the comment–I needed that.

    • Thanks Mom 🙂

      I love those shoes too. hehe They were fun once I got over people seeing me in them. Mike likes them –that is what I kept telling myself when I was having shy moments.

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