My Mushy Moment …

I'm looking onward and upward towards a brighter future ... or am I dwelling in the past?

This morning, my hubby woke me with his rustlings in and out of the bed.  In my groggy state of mind, I just assumed he was acquiring the morning coffee that he becomes monstrous without.  Poor Mikey.  This morning he had to go into work.  Well, it isn’t so bad.  He is working for our son-in-law, so that he can take my sweet daughter and grand girlie to the beach.  So, it is worth it.  I had forgotten and was saddened to wake and realize my beloved cuddle buddy was leaving.

I must confess: I’m spoiled.  I lie in bed every morning and never rise without my coffee being brought to my side of the bed, left waiting in a thermos that keeps my black gold piping hot for about 4 hours–along with my morning meds and my breakfast bar.  I know … I know … I am completely ruined.  This morning I got a bonus.  He managed to wake me completely as he was sitting my coffee and bar down–just before he started digging for my meds.  His hair was falling forward and touching the slightly flexing jaw muscle; all the while the muscles in his arms flexed as his strong hands searched for my meds in the pill box.  WOW!  He was lookin’ fine!    I’m just sayin’.  😀

I know that is totally off the subject of weight loss ( I am not experiencing much loss–more like steady gain since Tuesday–BOO HISS).  I wouldn’t be awake this early with crazy thoughts if he had been quietier, but he wasn’t.  I love my slow-waking Sunday mornings, sipping coffee with my honey beside me.  We talk over so many things, or sometimes we just say nothing and enjoy the quiet.  Mikey worked a number of hard years to earn these quiet Sunday morning wake ups. I am very jealous of these moments.  I am very annoyed when I awake late at my mother’s house, because we always share that special time of the day just as she did with her mother, sipping our coffee and watching the world wake.  I think I love slow-moving moments with family when the day is young and still, it feels spiritually empowering.

Life is good, when family’s around.

Well, I am starving, and I need to figure out what the heck I am doing with my day and food.  Now, that my body is gaining, I am hesitant about food–and of course I am starving.  I have to get the last of this weight off.  I know I have been fighting with neck and back meds–they changed them–so, dang it, I hope that isn’t the problem.  Oh, well, it is time to get back to my day.  You all have a blast.  I know I will be sanding and staining the drawers for my cabinet–YEA–almost done, only took a year!  hahahaha!

Me and Mama last weekend. 😀

See ya … S

14 thoughts on “My Mushy Moment …

  1. Did I tell that I like your looks 😉 Sending you some positive vibes from Germany. Tomorrow my next tempo run and I am already frightened to do it (its just far beyond my comfort zone).

    So I send you the mantra, which enables you to follow your own will even far outside your very own comfort zone.



    • Martin you are too kind.

      Thanks! I am holding on to hope those vibes get here quick. I just can’t be draggin like this much longer. I just gotta get movin’ — it is so lovely here this time of the year. I am ready for a VERY long bike ride. One that takes me 2 days or more to complete about 100 miles round trip. I know it sounds crazy, but it is what I want–badly.

      There is also the Natchez Trace that I would like to peddle down to where family lives –then there is the trail that runs down the Mississippi — can you tell I am going out of my mind??? hehe–livin’ through your triumps until I can have my own. 😀

    • We are blessed. I so love how you read my “MUSTY” moments. I am not sure that would be a great topic for a blog post. It makes my nose crinkle up. 😀

  2. You are blessed! How does one sand cabinets with neck and back pain…just sayin’

    Wishing Mikey comes home fast so you can enjoy the day!

    • Oh, and I didn’t sand much yesterday Mike did most of that. I did the cutting of the boards–I am just way better at it. We worked together holding the boxes as Mikey screwed them together. I am so excited to finish up. I am pressing forward and am in a touch more pain than I have been in for days. Break out the pain meds. Yea!

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