Today was weigh in Day.


I have lost count of what weigh in today was.  I will go back later and figure it out.  I bet you all are wondering what happened today??  Well, those of you who are still with me after months of non-movement my journey is rather anti-climactic.  Today was a big day for me.

Today I reached GOAL!  

You heard me right, I reached goal.  I bet you are wondering how in the heck I lost 30 pounds in a week.  Well, if you didn’t already know it I am completely amazing like that.  I can jump buildings in a single bound–just ask OptiFast Loser her will tell you how amazing I am.  It is so wonderful to be appreciated for who you are.  Ahhh.  She smiles and takes a bow before her adoring public.

If you are still confused and wondering how in the heck this happened.  You would be showing your wisdom by wondering, because I actually gained a half of a pound to make my total gain over the last month of neck (now back pain), meds, and inactivity of ONE whole POUND. I weigh 185 pounds.  Yes, in those pics from the other day I weighed 185 pounds.  I bet you are wondering how made it to GOAL today when I weigh so much and my goal weight is 150.  That would be because Lindsey and I came to the conclusion that maintenance would be my best goal right now.

I only have several options of no real win for me choices at this time in my life.  I can, as I discussed the other day have full formula and light exercise, but that would mean PT and meds–which would probably stall my weight loss anyway–most likely causing weight gain.  I can eat (modestly–healthy) and lift weights to strengthen my muscles, but will most likely cause weight gain–but will cause my body to be in better health.   Since health is my ultimate goal we chose this path.

I am extremely terrified of how much I will gain, but I am very excited about eating real food and working out.  I will still be on product for fill in and working out.  I will come back later with more info on the meal plan and other goals that will be taking place over the next week.  Right now, my back is killing me and I need to lie flat and ice up.

See you all later … gators ….S

14 thoughts on “Today was weigh in Day.

  1. Shonnie,

    This sounds like a very wise decision. You are facing the reality of your physical condition right now, but still working toward health and fitness. You are very blessed to have such a supportive husband. You two as a couple are an encouragement.

    • Hey Michelle!

      I think it was the best decision for me at this time. Thanks for the confirmation, that always means a LOT. 🙂 Thanks for saying Mike and I are an encouragment. That is a very nice thought. 🙂

  2. You know . . . I just realized that this is the first time since I’ve known you that, if you had problems like neck injury etc., you did not gain serious weight. Something is seriously working for you here . . . finally!

    • I know girl. That is awesome. I keep telling myself that. I know I will gain, but I just can’t take this pain any more. I will probably have to have Chiro work and PT, but it won’t be needing meds if I workout. So there we go! Yea–working out is amazing. The dinner I made this evening was great. yeah! 😀

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