It’s Trainer Nazi Time!

Trainer Nazi time and I can't find my Shirt! Dangit!


I woke up at 3 AM this morning.  Why?  Who knows, but Mike needed to get up at that time, so I stayed awake until he was able to get out the door for his day.  I have made Collin an egg sandwich and gotten his vitamins down his throat, as well as the registration for his car at school so that he might drive himself.  Can you say YEA!  I can.  That boy has band practice 3 to 4 days a week and I HATE driving to pick him up.  Just sayin’ this could be a day of rejoicing for me, if they still have slots for him to park in–holding my breath until I know!  Not really, I would pass out if I did that, he doesn’t get home until 3 something.  Lots of three’s in this here paragraph.  😀

I thought I would have time to work out my goals and get them all written down before I headed to the gym.  This was not to be.  I will have to be satisfied with just a dab of a goal before submitting to the trainer nazi–for the first time in MANY WEEKS. I am going to hurt so bad tomorrow.  I will using her name as a swear word I know for sure.  It will be good to get my body moving again.

Goals that I know for this week:

  • Eat well — Think Paleo-Atkins-Primal. If your curious about how these plans work — here are a few links to several of my friends:
  • My Atkins buddy is  Grumpy . –check him out for info on what he eats
  • I have a few buddies that follow the primal plan right now with good success.  David  cruz2lose and Charles If I have forgotten anyone — please comment below so I can be sure to add your name to this list. If you are interested in the Primal food fair here is a link for Mark’s Daily Apple.
  • Walk, move, and be active every day in some fashion.
  • Record everything I eat–even thought I am not strictly counting calories, because I plan to eat if I am hungry.
  • Get my body on a regular sleep schedule.

Think good wholesome real food.  Good fats with little to no grain products.  My diabetic body just doesn’t do well with grains.  I have another buddy who isn’t really following a particular plan but is working out and I have to say he is Kickin’ Butt and takin’ names– Paul Bentley –he is worth a check out for sure.

My pain management plan is to gradually assent back to working out.  Mostly moving is my goal.  Lifting light weights to get my back into shape to keep the spasms down.

I don’t know how long I will be in this plan or if things will change.  The goal right now is to get my health under control and manage the pain, without gaining weight.  If I can’t manage the pain with exercise then I will be headed for Physical Therapy and probably more meds.  If that happens well — be watching for me whining about being on full formula again.  If I can’t workout we will suffer and get as much weight off as possible, as-quickly-as is humanly possible.  While in limbo land.

In case you wondered, my race is canceled until next year.  There isn’t much I can do about that with the neck injury and all.  Just have to hang on and get well and lose weight so that next year will be a fun turn of events.  I know this is but a series of long bumps in my road to complete success.

Where I am is a GREAT place to be.  I have only dreamed of weighing so little for years, and now I have held this weight for 5 months.  As much as I hate to admit it, this is a good thing.  Mike pointed out to me this morning that this is a novel thing for me.  I have had set back after set back, but my weight has remained stable–for me this is a NEW THING.  Something must be working better in my body.

Think about it:  I went on a vaca and gained 3.5 pounds over a three week period–not great but not bad either.  Then I went away for the weekend, injured my neck and was in bed for a week and half, I have been on medications ever since the injury, went to my 30th reunion, two days later traveled back to Louisiana for a wedding and only gained a pound over that whole month.  That really is amazing when you put all that together.  I still don’t like that I haven’t lost, but dang that is still really, really GREAT!

Health is my number one goal.  That is why I started trying to lose in-the-first-place.  I have come much farther than I ever dreamed was truly possible when I started this journey.  Thanks Mikey for helping me put things into perspective.  That always helps with motivation to press forward and hang in there when life throws you curves.  🙂


Me and Mikey before I started this program. December 2010

Me and my Mama September 2011. I think I like the changes--don't you? 😀

I know I have been quite the grumpy woman and was starting to get back into the Angry woman a lot lately.  Mike did help me see how far I have come and these pics show that as well.  Life happens and we have to figure a way to roll with it, or drown from the pressure.  I’m not into drowing — just sayin’ is all.  heheh!

See y’all later.  I gotta get ready to be tortured …. See y’all later ….S

10 thoughts on “It’s Trainer Nazi Time!

  1. Hi Shonnie,

    You’ve done so well; it’s truly amazing, especially given the obstacles you’ve had to overcome. Keep up the progress, and keep posting; I love the humor in your posts.

    Kindest regards,

    • Thanks Desi!

      I will really need it tomorrow. hehe! I could feel that while we were working. I have another session scheduled with her for Friday. YIKES! But you have to workout the soreness or you will gimp for days!

  2. The fact that you have maintained your weight through all your recentl difficulties is AMAZING. Well done you. I hope the trainer Nazi appreciated your effrts and your astonishing will power

  3. People clicking my site might be confused if they are looking for Atkins info. 😀

    I did start Atkins this morning so I am back in Atkins mode until I get back below my low water mark.

    Carb living hasn’t been working for me. Amazing how fast I gained 15 pounds back. I was able to get about halfway back to my low water mark, but I decided it would be much easier to hop back on Atkins to get there. In theory…..

    • Grumpy my man,
      I guess I should update that to dig around on your post for cool ideas of what to eat while on atkins. Sorry.

      I don’t think I will ever be able to add much in the way of carbs. If I do large amounts of exercise I can handle carbs, but that is the ONLY time. I have accepted that my carbs will come from things like apples, berries, sometimes grapes, banana’s only on big exercise days. I am learning to make almond bread and muffins.

      I have started using rutabaga’s in the place of potatoes and they are DELISH. I make a mean mock potatoes with cauliflower. I made some zucchini spaghetti last night that was to die for!! I just can’t do breads and pasta most days–I have major problems, besides gaining weight.

  4. Tell me the truth, my lovely friend… maintaining the weight loss is the most empowering and encouraging aspect of the weight loss, is it not? Sure I’d like to shed a few more pounds and you haven’t yet reached goal, but holding firm to where we’re at whilst we ingest copious amounts of meds that cause a lot of obnoxious water weight and being limited in the physical movement department due to said injury is AWESOME! We rock! That’s right, we’re rock stars! (I said it. Out loud.) We’re both still on our meds–stupid backs/necks–but we’re plodding along. That’s all we can do! Hugs to you for being wonderful and prayers for a swift recovery!

    • It wasn’t Beth, until Mike pointed it out this morning. We both got the revelation about the same time and that lifted my spirits way up there! So to answer your question in a round about way — YES — right this moment that is a resounding YES. I still can’t believe it.

      We do rock and we are downright hot while we rock … hehehe!

      Love ya girl. Thanks for the recovery prayers. 😀

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