Absolutely Fabulous

Yesterday was just that.

Donna, true to her trainer-nazi self, kicked my butt.  She kicked it gently, but she kicked it nonetheless, so much so that about half way into the second hour the monster began to appear.  What monster you ask?  Well, they don’t call me the angry fat woman for nothing.  If I exercise hard without food–well think the Incredible Hulk–no, I don’t turn green but you would be sure that I had a gamma radiation problem if you ever saw me in that state.  I turned to her and said the monster is appearing.  She immediately offered to get me food.  Hahaha!  I had food in the car and I ran to it.  🙂

When I arrived home, who was here but, the Sophie girl.   I had some food in the fridge that I was going to eat to stave off the monster further, but when I opened the door to the fridge the plate shot out of the fridge and crashed to the floor.  Fabo Darling.  My favorite plate collection and my food heaped in a mess on the floor.  WHAAA!  I did cry.  I was hungry.  I won’t give you the blow by blow, just know that it was not a great moment.

After stuffing another food choice down my throat as fast as I could, I began to calm down and got some Sophie love.  That was Fabulous for sure.  BUT, the whipped butt appeared, and Sophie was totally energized.  YIKES.  She was motoring all over the place relocating my belongings to strange and obscure places all over the house.  My muscles are popping and jerking so bad that I was stumbling trying to keep up with her little two foot high body that kicks my butt as if I am a marshmallow.

Sophie is a total Butt Kickin’ Babe, and she is just getting started.

Doll baby eyes! 🙂

When I was about to fall over, thankfully she started to show signs that she was tired.  Sophia was so tired in fact she began to stumble, but she just didn’t want to take a nap, so she ran around and around my downstairs.  So I made a palate in the floor with pillows and a blanket.  I placed my self there and made faces at her to lure her over to me.  Imagine this angelic face peeping out from behind the chair … she has a slightly mischievous grin as if she knows I am trying to trick her into lying down. She giggles and runs off.  I cover my head with the blanket and sing the question, “Where is Sophie girl,” over and over.  I hear little footsteps come near the edge of the carpet, so I yank the cover down and squeal in my girliest voice (for those of you who don’t know–I don’t have a girly voice) “there she is!”  She squeals and runs at me and throws herself on me, rear first, right at my face.  I love this child.

She throws her body on mine as if I am a great down filled pillow that will comfortably adjust to her little body, and after a slight bit she becomes still.  I must have fallen asleep with her on the floor, because the next thing I remember is her father calling out to me trying to find us in the house.  I am sure he wasn’t expecting to find us on the floor.  Hehee!  Gosh that felt Fabulous for sure — too bad it was so short lived.

Even though my butt was draggin’ and I was so hungry I could have eaten a house, yesterday was a great day.  I spent the remainder of my day talking with my daughter and my new daughter-in-law, who is gonna be giving me a new tiny munchkin to play with and love on. What can I say?

Don't you just want to squeeze her?? I know I do! hehe! This photo was taken by Abbie Reaves Photography

Absolutely Fabulous.

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