I have been MIA a lot lately.

Pain in the NECK .... and so on and so on.


There was not official weigh in because I had to go to my LADY doctor, I did weigh there and I weighed in a pound less than I did last week at 184 pounds.  The last time that I weighed on their scales it had me heavy by 3 pounds — now wouldn’t that be cool to have lost 4 pounds this week????  Well, we will just say that I stayed the same instead of getting all excited until I get on those official scales.  😀

The whole MIA thing it isn’t by choice or desire, but has been physically mandated by my cantankerous body.  I know you saw the pictures of me riding with my honey on Sunday.  Many were excited for me, and that touched my heart with joy. I have to be honest though, my ride hurt so bad I could barely make 10 or 12 miles, this from a girl who can ride 40, 60, or 80 miles and be wondering when she is going to hit the trail again–possibly even ride another 20+ the next day.  UHHGGG!

I don’t want to sound down or negative, because that isn’t, exactly, the way I feel.  I mean who likes pain?  I don’t know of too many folks, there are the sadists, but am not one of those folks.

–At this moment Collin is DRIVING ME NUTS–We will NOT Let me finish a thought!  Be back in a sec–OK.  I got to the bottom of his: MOM.  Mom.  Hey, Mom.  Now, I think I will have a few seconds to think clearly … at least I hope.

Back to the topic of pain, besides my not being into it … there is the slightly embarrassing nature of constantly have physical aliments to report.  I am going to be real with you about how intense the pain I have been living under has been, but I want you to know first-and-foremost that I will see the other side of this, and that I know how to get myself well.  Sadly, it just takes a fair amount of self inflicted pain to arrive on the other side of the living hell that has been my life for the past few months.

This was the reason for Sunday’s ride.  To ride through my pain–while under the influence of muscle relaxers–this did make riding a tad bit of a challenge.  You should know that it worked a fair amount of pain out of my hips by Monday.  Thanks be to God!

Still it had me mostly resting all day Monday.  Well, Sophie girl was here so you know there were some not restful moments in all that.  She is so stinkin’ cute that she can get away with wearing me out–but it did mean extra resting.

So lets run down the list of body ailments over the last month, we are going to skip the stuff that started this summer and wiped out weeks of fun.  About a month ago I whacked my head but good and re-injured my neck, which lead to my middle back going out; that in turn lead to my lower back going out, shortly followed by my hips.  Each one of these has been so painful at times as to take my breath away.  Saturday night’s pain was so severe that I was screaming–heavy narcotic pain revealers were not even scratching the surface of my pain.  I was out of muscle relaxers–Sunday morning, bright-and-early (think 6 AM) Mike hurried off to the Drug Store and collected my prescription for those gems.  The muscle relaxers were exactly what was needed; within an hour I the pain began to abate — guess it was yummy ole fibro time.

I’m a little ticked off and yes, that is sweet for I am ANGRY as a wet hen.  I mean why don’t I just have every single problem flair up in one blasted month? Why not??  I have been experiencing so many set backs that I have begun to lose my ever lovin’ mind. I know, I know … it was not a long trip, but I did like the sanity that I did possess. Thankfully, I believe I have run through them all at this point and should be well on my way to getting my life back under control and living mostly pain free.

If you have ever wondered why I pay for a trainer–this is why–I hate living in crippling pain.  The pain Donna causes is far less debilitating no matter how much I whine about it than this past month has been.

I will press onward and upward … Gosh … I have come so far in such a short time.  I know I will figure out how to get the rest of the way and own my health and my life, so that my Collin, his siblings, and my grand babies can wear me out and DRIVE ME NUTS!  Hehehe!  ‘Cuz that is what life’s all about, being there to be bothered.  🙂

Blessings …..S


14 thoughts on “I have been MIA a lot lately.

  1. URGH! What a pain… literally! 😦 I’m hoping as I continue to catch up on your adventures that this is all under control now! I think we all go through phases that are sent to try us – injuries/illnesses are just the pits 😦 BUT you’ll going to get back on top Shonnie 🙂 I just know it! We both will! xxx

  2. Wow, honey. It is great to be reading you again, but holy hell have you had a rough go of it. But, still, three cheers for your amazing spirit You will see the other side of this, for sure, stronger than before 🙂

  3. Wow, what a trooper. You pushed through the pain to get your exercise in. Most people would have said scr#w it and given up but you continue to be a source of strength. Good for you, I pray that your pain subsides soon. Hang in there. It will be so worth it in the long run!

    • I am working on being pain managed without meds. That is the goal. It is how I usually live. 😀 I just have to work through all this pain. SLOW — which stinks — and steady and I will arrive there soon.

  4. Ouch – days full of pain are… memorable. Those days can easily dictate your life, while you feel that way.

    So a big hug and healing vibes from here for you and don’t forget: pain is temporary.



    • Thanks Martin — that is what I keep telling myself. I am doing as much as I am allowed. Which will be VERY little, In-my-humble-opinion. The docs want me to slow down for the next two months but to keep working on everything.

      Just not longer than 30 minutes a day — think about that one Martin.
      You know that would make you nuts.

      I tell myself, this is just temporary too — it will pass and I will be back kickin’ butt and takin’ names soon! 🙂 A little lighter so it will be easier to kick it! 😀

      Blessings ….S

  5. I have had something like this, but on a less severe scale and one thing I did notice, like you, that one thing seemed to lead to another until I couldn’t imagine how I would be pain free. In the end it got sorted out and now it is just a memory. While it lasted it was very frustrating so I know a little of how you feel. It sucks and makes your grit and determination all the more imressive. Hopefully it will be sorted soon and you can get back to your biking best. Once more Mike’s early dash to the pharmacy always makes my heart warm. He’s just a great bloke. You are lucky to have each other

    • Thanks Ducky — I think he is a GREAT bloke too. I am kinda stuck on him. 🙂 Thanks for always being there with your encouraging self. means a BUNCH! 😀 As you have said so well, some folks come and go out of our blog-o-sphere and it is so hard sometimes to watch them wander away.

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