Food Orgies and Family Time

Hello Again,

I know it has been a while since my last post.  I have been mostly OK, just had a few bumps and surprises that required all my energy.  I got the days wrong when my parents were coming to stay with me … they arrived Thursday.  Smiling.  That required quite the shuffle to get the house ordered, and shop for food to feed everyone; there was also the possibility that other family members were going to be arriving on Friday.  Now, keep in mind that we were planning (my children) our yearly blessing meal (more about that in a moment). I don’t know about you, but having guests come stay requires enormous focus for me … TOTALY LOVE IT! … but it messes with my mind some, especially when you forget they are coming.  Am I the only one?

How could I forget my folks and my nieces were coming?  I have no idea.  How could I plan all this for the same weekend?  It is simple–I didn’t write it on my calendar.  If it doesn’t get entered onto the calendar then it isn’t happening.  So — hahahaha — everything was in a jumble.  This weekend was going to be a food orgy before the family was added to the mix, and I sorta flipped trying to figure out how to handle all the additional people–which turned out not to be necessary.   The nieces were iffy, and I had to wait until Thursday to find out for sure that they were not coming–so I ended up with some extra food on that end, then my parents had to leave early–more extra food.  Can you see how this could consume my every waking moment?

Well … add to that that I was contemplating a new push for my diet.  Honestly, that and the back and neck pain was probably why I got lost on my dates–I know it couldn’t have been the meds I was taking.  Too much info for my mind to process; that and I was extremely excited about the fantastic food fest I was about to enjoy.  This yearly feasting holds a higher place in my life than all the other holidays combined.  This feast I MUST be able to eat at.  So … I have to say after the weekend of gorging I am completely satisfied and believe I can push forward to what ever new heights I might want to take my healthy living.

There was one slightly annoying setback over the week and weekend — I jammed my neck again in my car.  I have to say that I hate my car now — it is completely official — the car is a serious pain in my neck; literally.  I want my BIG-GAS-GUSSELING-SUV BACK!  I am just sayin’.  I am so tired of hitting my head on this car that I want to scream. OK, so I have screamed and shouted profanity wildly on each occasion.  I will have to take exercise easy again this week and re-build back up to where I JUST made it to.  Can you sense the anger I am dealing with over this constant aggravation? I’m fuming.

I have driven large vehicles for over ten years (for business reasons–we needed me too), and now that I was finally able to have the little cute baby SUV that gets great gas milage … I have repeatedly injured myself with that car.  I cannot tell you how many times I have hit my head trying to get into the car or get something out of it.  It is MADDENING!  Then this weekend I scooted over in my seat and jammed my neck into the roof inside.  White hot pain shot through my body that set me off screaming–my poor mom was in the car with me when it happened.  She didn’t know what to do with me–not that I can blame her–I scare myself too when I get angry.  Enough whining already … on with the tale.

I was going to take pictures of the beautiful table filled with food, but all of us forgot, we were so stoked about consuming the goodies we just gave thanks and dug IN!  Well, the whole meal was a thanks fest.  I got a wild hair one year after reading about Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year Celebration) and started a tradition for our own family where we:

  1. Take time to forgive each other
  2. Take time to be thankful for each other
  3. Take time to be thankful for all the good things that have happened over the year
  4. Take time to bless each other and pray for good things to take place in each others lives
  5. Take time to pray for the things we hope for the next year for our business (since many of us work together)
  6. Take time to remember “LIFE IS GOOD”

You do this while eating and using the food to jar your mind on what things you are thankful for, and what things you wish would be.  It is a very special time for me and my family–really wish my parents had been able to stay for the meals, but alas that was not to be.  Still our meal was wonderful and we had a blessed time together.  Life is Good, just in case you forgot.   😀

Well, that brings you up-to-speed on my past week, and now we can go forward together as I plow through the next phase of my healthy-eating-for-life goals.  For those of you who know think–Phase 1 transition food–for the next while until this body starts moving in the right direction, truthfully, until it makes it to goal.  I know the holidays are coming up, but that just doesn’t matter as much as reaching my goals.  I have so much to live for … So many things to see and do … so many events to attend in my children’s lives.  I can do this.  I will do this.

I am not even going to mention what the nasty little scale said to me this morning after my weekend of foodin’-to-the-max, ‘cuz I am pretending it didn’t really say that.  This past weekend was just one weekend out of a whole year, and it was well worth the momentary jump on the scale.

Blessings ….. S

16 thoughts on “Food Orgies and Family Time

  1. Love this post. Thank you for being as consistent as possible & inspiring others. You will get to that 185 & below. Keep focused & positive. So hard when those smells tempt you :0) Life Is good. I’m glad we get to read about yours!

  2. I love the idea of a family blessing meal. It’s basically what we do at Thanksgiving, but because it’s a holiday and consequently such A Big Event, there is often far less gratitude than there is rushing around to meet all of our extended family commitments. We need that reminder, though, you know? LIfe is good 🙂

    • Desi,

      We do that at Thanksgiving as well, but as you said that is such a busy time and so much family around that it makes focusing really hard. So we started our own Holiday that we don’t have to compete with other family gatherings–this way our children and their children can participate.

    • Thanks, Aurora. I know it means a LOT to me. It is hard to do every day, but when you focus on it once a year it helps make life much more focused on appreciation of one another. 🙂 Thanks for always saying such sweet things.

  3. I had a truck — and when the kids came it had to go. So I bought one of the first Electric Hybrid cars ever made. It was a Honda Accord Hybrid. Every time I got out of the car I would hit my head — My neck hurt and my head hurt and my back started to hurt. I parked on a hill and I would literally roll out of the car onto my knees and get up. There I was — 450 lbs. — rolling out of my car with a torn knee to avoid my kneck and back and head getting messed up. I must have been the talk of the neighborhood — I was so big they did not dare say anything to me or to eachother about me!

    Finally, the car had to go. I sold it — nice deal at the time because Honda could not make enough of them. I got myself a mini-van, which I drive today — I hate it and I feel like a big blob with a big blob car — but my neck — well she-izza-fine — my back is good and the lump on the top of my head has finally gone away….

    Sometimes ya just gotta get the right car for you and tell your kids that your own personal health is important and they can just tell your grandkids that you stunk up the world with gas guzzling cars…

    • Thanks for that story OL! I sat here trying to figure out how I could trade my new car for my old one! hahaa! It is great for parking–not as easy as my suv, but it fits in tight spaces–and great on gas. It is NOT comfy when we have company with us. it is not great for loading up and going on a trip, unless there is only the two of us.

      I don’t know what we were thinking. 🙂

  4. Sounds like “Foodin’ to the max” was totally appropriate for your beautiful family tradition. It was intentional eating. That’s having a good balance in life. The hard part is getting back on the wagon after all that lovely, yummy food. Go forth and conquer! : )

    And for goodness sake – get rid of that car that keeps biting you! It’s vicious! Put it down!

  5. Never mind tre scales it was great to have your family round, and any wavering from your diet is totally understandable in the circumstances. I think the tradition you have set up for your family is lovely

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