I Hate Bras and …

… Weigh In Days!  😉

Today was to be another weigh in day at the clinic …

I, however, opted not to go.  Why?  I am so glad you asked so that I could tell you … you know how totally

OK, so I don't look happy here, but I just started the walk and well I am learning my new phone. That is concentration you are witnessing there. 😉

shy I am.  You know how I need you all to prod me into confessions (no sarcasm here .. hehe). Call it vanity, call it shame, call it whatever you wish … no matter … I just wasn’t game ta day.  I didn’t really feel like seeing the evidence of my week of freedom digitally displayed for everyones viewing pleasure.  Somedays you just have to claim a mental health day and go with it … I’m just sayin’.  You have to know your limits … I was at mine.

I know I am a fighter.  Heck, many of you have picked up on this particular personality trait–that I am a fighter.  Besides, I know what my cheeky little scale said on Monday morning; a yucky 192.8 pounds (the clinic scales would have weighed me about 3 pounds lighter — still I needed my health day).  YUCK to the 192.8 pounds!  No matter still, because I knew that this week was gonna be the beginning of my new push toward the prize of ultimate health and my goal weight of 150.  This morning the scale was working hard at being a proper gentleman and showed a loss–weighing me in at 191.2 pounds. See, I am already back to the track running toward the goal.  😀

So, what does my title have to do with non-weigh in day and all the lovely pictures of the lovely fall day

Leaving the hood and entering tha wood ... on my way to the park. So glad when it is cooler the snakes don't like hangin from the trees as much. 🙂

that I took part in?  Huh?  Not much.  Hehe!  I was just feeling cheeky myself, and thought I would whine about something.  Haha … no … I really do hate bras.  Cover your eyes guys, this is girl talk here, they (Bras) make the twins look great but they HURT like heck!  I was totally NOT in the mood for anything uncomfortable–you know–it was my mental health day!  So, I snuck into my closet in the bra ben and whipped out the padded liner’s (I had previously ripped out of a retired twin-sling), and properly covered my modesty and went — ooohhhh bad girl — bra-less on my walk! hehe!  It felt liberating.  Now, I did discover that running was a bit of a challenge.  Yeah, it kinda-uh-quick-like became a NO WAY JOSE kinda thang, but life’s good, and the walk was GRAND!

There is something about sunshine on a pleasant day that just makes you punchy; well, it does me anyway.  I walked and listened to music, while I smiled a knowing smile at my fellow-passers-by as I savored this most beautiful day (we all know how fun the sun is when it is mild outside–Alabama can be kinda HOT [understatement]–so today was DELISH weather).  I made the best choice.  I made myself some YUMMY-for-the-tummy food for lunch–it was huge and only 175 calories.

I know it isn't the epic plating of my yummy for tha tummy food, but I wanted you to get idea of how large for only 175 calories. Shrimp Ceviche.

What can I say, but Yeah!   Then, I indulged my need for Vitamin D with that leisurely stroll I took, and now I am plum Giddy — all I am lacking is Mikey to make the day complete.

See ... I'm startin ta SMILE! 😀

Can you hear the joy in my soul as I type?  I even took a moment and danced with all my might as if I were a child … hehe.  Life’s good. I think the Vita-D has affected me.  I feel like shouting, “the water is fine!  Wanna jump in with me? or … Let’s DANCE!”

Ahhh .... may you all find peace and rest in your spirits today. 🙂



May your day be filled with the joy of living …. see ya later … S   😀


11 thoughts on “I Hate Bras and …

  1. Oh Shonnie…. I LOVE MY BRA hahaha thank goodness for MY BRA! I’ve shrunk girl…. and if it weren’t for my bra… being all pretty and padded… well… just sayin’ 😉 lol xxx

  2. I used to hate bras too. But it turns out I was simply wearing the wrong size. I was stuck in 44DDs and 46Ds bc it was simply the largest size I could find. Then I got fitted by a woman who actually knew her stuff and found that my size is 40K (US)/40H(UK) . Now I can even sleep in underwire bras without getting bothered by the things.

  3. I *hate* them, too! I cannot ever seem to find one that fits comfortably. I was fitted back in Janurary (at my heaviest weight of 315) at a 38K. Even then the bra was not comfortable. I had to slice out (all precise-like) the underwires because that was just *not* happening. I am still wearing that bra now (minus 42.6 pounds) and it fits better than it ever has…but I still hate it. The problem is…I need to go buy new ones since I’m on the tightest row of hooks on these. Sigh.


    • I hate spending that kind of money on those things, and I always have to in order to have one that fits. 🙂 When I first lost like 40 pounds and had to buy new ones I bought too small! haha!

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