I had a post … but …

Life happened all day long.   😀

Weight was down again and that was GREAT, but that is where the cool stuff kinda went wacko.  I had to take my car in for service and I forgot that I was babysitting the Grand girly when I said Friday was a great day for an 8:30 car doctor appointment.  First boo boo.

Second no-fun-boo-boo Grand Girly’s sippy cup wasn’t working properly and her Mommy filled it up with milk–that ended up all over the back of my car and carpet–lovely.  NOT!  It went under the seats where no one can steam clean it out.  Can you say grammy went ballistic on Mommy?  Yep, she did–cuz Mommy KNEW the sippy cup was broken when she filled it full of Milk.  Now, my new car that hurts my head STINKS OF soured milk.    😛

Surprise!  Because my car was under warranty they gave me another car just like mine to drive for the day — a bonus that I had not anticipated.  Ami (my grammy name) took Grand Girly to Wally World to buy two new sippy cups so this kinda thing NEVER happens again–also gave us girls something to do.

Second Car duty was collecting Collin boo’s car from his car doctor in another part of town.  I really don’t like driving to the four corners of the city for one errand–I like grouping things.  Today, was a day of single purposed errands, and LONG drives IN MUCHO Traffic.

Once we deposited Collin’s car at the school for him to use after the football game I got the call that my car would be ready at 5 PM.  Rush hour.  YUM!  Another one of my favorite things to do–while STARVING.  I think I even behaved in a manner not fitting a “I love Jesus Sticker” on my car.  This is probably why I don’t have one on my car.  I would be one of those people everyone talks about.   You know what I mean; the people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  I figure Jesus has enough kooks (sp?) Claiming him that I thought I would spare him the insult.

After fighting traffic for HOURS today, I made my way home to make my food.  Which was good but was a tad bit too spicy.  I LOVE spicy–so YOU KNOW it was hot if I say it was a bit too spicy!  Yowzer!  I ate most of it, because it was really yummy.  I searched my brain for why the meal was so hot and I can’t figure it out–it was so good–I gotta figure it out.  It was so good and only 205 calories.  Gotta figure it out.

I found myself lazy and in need of a snuggle with my honey–so I scrapped the post and the pics and figured I would go at that post again tomorrow.  😀

Goodnight or is it morning?  ….. S

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