Why don’t you just take a long walk off …

… Off the exercise plank.

That is what I did with walk through the park and my VIT-D craving fix!   😀

Only one problem, I went TOO LONG and TOO FAR!  I was so wiped out when I got home.  I even gained this AM from 182.4 to 183.2–it went down to 183 later in the morning.  I am a little swollen–would LOVE the jump of 8 tenths of a pound to be FLUID!  However, I think my body wants to hang out in the mid 180s–so I am gonna go back to what’s been working lately, and that is major light exercises. I really, really, really have a problem with limiting my exercise.   Today’s jump kinda kicks me in the REAR on my road to victory–see I am in a race with Grumpy and OptiFast Loser for the largest % lost by Turkey Day.  I am kinda crazy for going head to head with two guys.  We all know how guys trash girls in losing every time, but still I just had to dive into the pool with the big dogs (both guys have lost over ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE Pounds in their journeys), but that is just how I roll.


Especially when you consider my love to move.  Right now, that is NOT to my advantage in this quest I have undertaken.  Why?  Well, if I do any exercise over 30 minutes at a time I hurt in one fashion or another.  Back ache, knee ache, neck ache … and on and on.  Then there is the side affect of not losing if I play the way I wanna.  Which stinks!

Life is not bad though.  I have my Mikey, and it is cool and sunny here in the deep fried south.  I am actually cold–hehe–for those of you who know me, know how odd this is.  I am still loving my food; which is oh so GRAND!  I just wanna get that scale moving back in the downward direction.

I love when the scale moves down.  Mikey has reminded me all day not to think too much about the scale that I have done well all week.  I kept telling myself he was right, but it didn’t help when I was draggin’ booty, hungry (there were some wickedly tempting smells floating in air today), and then there was the grumpy-girl poor Mikey had to deal with–he treated me well as always.  They changed some meds that affect moods — poor Mikey — my body will level out real soon and Mikey will be a blessed man again soon; I hope.

Back onto my food, which continues to be delish.  As you can see, I am so excited about that that I mention it twice.  Hehe!  My portions are really large.  So large in fact, that MIke asked me: you get to eat all that in one setting?  “Yes,” I replied with a huge grin.  I was grinning because that HUGE portion was only 175 calories and tasted like a small slice of heaven.  This evening’s meal of extra lean grass-feed beef and cabbage clocked in at 200 calories for a full plate of yumminess.  Sadly, I am still craving Mike and Collin’s sweet potatoes, but they don’t fit into the calorie plan for today.  Boo Hiss!

Oh well … it is picture time … lets see what I got!

Well, we decided to spend some TV time with Collin watching Captain America ... so pics will have to be tomorrow. 🙂 Until the morrow ... I bid you goodnight.

Blessings … S


5 thoughts on “Why don’t you just take a long walk off …

  1. You really REALLY need to get out of the 80’s – it’s like being stuck in a fashion time warp lol time to move on Shonnie – work it girl and get to 179 – break that barrier – you’re going to do it – it’s going to happen – walking is the best exercise it really is… so why have I stopped? AAaaarrrggghhhh You’ve got me thinking again! 😉 xxx

  2. Checking in alive…I need a re-do for the month of October. Once again I am collecting myself, picking up the pieces and moving forward. Thank you for all of your support…you look great!!!


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