Go Bang Your Head

I know you have seen those jokes with the targets that say for stress release bang head here; repeat until stress is aliveated…right?  I kinda (kdina–is what I typed) feel like I have been doing that lately.  Why?  I have no idea.  I probably needed to go for a walk in the sunshine, but it didn’t happen today or yesterday.  Today, my Sophie girl came by, and I played baby.  I just feel disconnected.  This makes for less than productive writing.

**UPDATE**  I will be going in for my weigh in tomorrow.  I know I have been keeping tabs on my weight daily, but as we all know the “official” weigh in is at the OptiFast Clinic.  So … on pins and needles, I go after 3 weeks …. YIKES.

I just realized that I have NO idea what week I am on. How am I ever gonna do the math with the brain I am working with right now???  I did weigh this AM and my scales said 182.4 so I almost lost the whole 8 tenths of a pound I gained the other morning … so this is good. Blood Sugar reading was 95 … totally good.  What would be super awesome would be to lose again in tomorrow morning.  It would be wonderful to actually have a good weigh in after so many months of STAND STILL.  We shall see …

Here is how the weight loss trend has looked for the last few months — the last week or so is a home weigh in–not official.

This is my loseit.com down hill slide for the last year ... had a bit of hick-UP toward the end.

Last three months. 🙂 Gotta LOVE the big ole' flat line.

What will tomorrow bring?

See ya … S

10 thoughts on “Go Bang Your Head

  1. Plateaus happen and I love how you share this with everyone. Three years ago I weighed about 100 lbs more than I do right now and could use a little downturn from my own plateau-ing of the past year or so. Your graphs are visual inspiration for something I’ve been unable to even think about until now. Thanks for lighting the way, Ms. Shonnie! Getting my trainers on now, lol

    • Awe … Aurora … you always say the kindest things. I am beyond glad now that I shared my graphs. I hope the trainers were comfy and that it lead to something FUN! 🙂

    • Thanks LFR. You have no idea how long it took me to understand your name! haha! I felt really blond when I figured it out. hahah

      Thankfully, it is starting to trend downward again.

  2. It’ll be good. You’ve come so far, lady. Wow! It’s gotta be frustrating to be stalled so close to the finish line but, seriously, lady, you’re almost there. Have an awesome day tomorrow!

    • Thanks Desi,

      It has been very frustrating to stall out for so long when I was so close that I was supposed to be there by August and it is now November and I am not there. Boo Hiss! But at least I have not gone back towards the 200 mark again. That is the yummy for the tummy goal to hold ground while figuring out how to get to goal. 😀

  3. It is always scary to find out after a while off and after it has been frustrating for months. You have held tough for a long time, and it is time for you to be able to reap some rewards. I think you will have a good result and that graph will start to fall again. 😀

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