How y’all are?

I am fine as frog hair.

Well, maybe not quite that fine.  Insert a very long break that was filled with Sophia crying and other people coming and going just as I finished typing the word FINE–I don’t even remember what I was going to say.  I am kinda tired now.  I worked on preparing meals in bulk, because I am sick of living in the kitchen continually.  I love cooking, but I don’t like everyday to revolve around cooking all day long.

I know I am not completely chipper feeling.  Still got pains here and there.  Kind-of-a-drag, but life is pretty good as well.  I got out today in the bright sunlight and soaked up some vita-d with a friend of mine.  That was NICE.

I’m curious do any of you have any cooking tips for bulk-low-fat-low-carb cooking?  Any tricks for freezing?  David — how do you do it?  I gotta give Grumpy and OptiFast Loser a run for their money!  –Even if my chances for beating them is NOT great!

Come on — Hep me Please!  (yes, I meant to mispell that–think James Brown)

Later ….. gators ….S

11 thoughts on “How y’all are?

  1. Oh no they didn’t! 😀

    Taco Bell and Popeye’s have no power over me at the moment. I’m on cruise control until T-Giving cause I know from that point on it is cheat after cheat until the new year. 😛

    I wish I would stop waking up so early. That is causing a bit of a hunger problem but a few more days and I should be comfortable ensconced in my Atkins Bunker. 😀

    I wouldn’t wish my meal plan on my worst enemy, but for me it works because I prefer easy to pain in the “A” cooking and cleaning every day.

    It is hard to come up with low carb and low fat options. Even harder to think of something you can freeze.

    I wonder what happened to Optifast Loser this week. He hasn’t posted his results for the week. I’m still 2 pounds heavier than when I started the competition, but I should be under 167.7 by the end of the weekend.

  2. Hi Shonnie,

    I’m a stoic; I’m very good at controlling the things I can control, recognizing the things I can’t, and living with both. 😉

    Regarding food, I generally prefer my veggies raw; I love salads. I like to prepare meat-only stews; the refrigerate or freeze well. And frankly I can eat the same meal every day for a week; I don’t require much variety, or food for that matter.

    Good luck and warmest regards,

    p.s. I hear Grumpy is partial to Popeye’s Fried Chicken too…give him a little variety in the photos 😉

    • David that is the very thing that causes me to fold. I love salads, but I have been eating a few too many. I guess we all have the same problem when eating fresh—ahahahaa–I gotta figure this out.

      thanks David, but I think the Popeye’s might affect me as well. hehehe! 😉

  3. It is SO hard to cook in bulk low-carb – makes me crazy. I’ve tried roasting a couple of big sheet pans full of veggies on a Sunday to eat throughout the week, which can help if you prefer cooked to raw veggies. If you don’t use much of a panade in it, a meatloaf can be used several different ways before you get sick of it/finish it. Other than slow-braising meat, however, I’m at a bit of a loss, too. I’m most curious to see what others suggest. Thanks for asking this question.

    • See that is just my problem Andie — is I don’t do well with eating the same thing day after day. That is what is causing me the problem right now. Needing a way to cook and freeze so I could mix things up.

      Thanks for chiming in! 😀

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