What’s up?

What's for Dinner? Garlic Roasted Chicken and Toamtoes drizzeled with Balsamic Vinegar and herbs. YUM! 200 cals

hahah NOT my weight!  hehe!

I am “Bringin’ my A Game” Like Grumpy (he has lost like 130+ pounds) said I would have to do, if I was gonna beat him.  I know that I will have a very hard time even coming close to beating him or OptiFast Loser (he has lost over 150 pounds!).  You can see I have some VERY tough competition.  I am not really sure what I was thinking, jumping in this contest, but what the Heck!  I can give it the old college try.    😀

I was down 4 tenths of a pound today.  Hehe!  I know that isn’t BIG, but it is DOWN!  hehe!

Girl Time

The rest of my day was filled with my Sophie girl and My Erica-terica-too–and the parade of girls that shuffled through my house to get their hair done by my talented Daughter.  It truly was a girl parade today–something that used to be a regular thing over here–funny how much life changes and sometimes you barely realize it.  It was fun for a day to have the house full of girls.  Three of mine and two besides.

Precious moments that should never be allowed to pass without savoring.

I think today was one of those days where you live/relive a breath of the joy of the past mixed with the blessings of today.  My youngest daughter (Erica) went shopping with me, and we talked about all kinds of things that were special and important to her–something we used to do before College–very nice.  We talked of her brother and the birth of his baby boy as we shopped for toys for Sophia, who we both adore.

Life is good … love my family … and one kid convo lead to another.  Me calling my son up in Alaska to chat with him and his sweet girl.  Lovely!  We are preparing for when I leave to come to Alaska after little Will’s birth.  I can barely wait.

Me and Sophie lettin' Grumpy know that we are gunnin' for y'all .... better watch out. 😀

All that family talkin’ and being together–gave me a new feisty need to push and lose so the flight on that puddle jumper will be less stressful.  I have to say, stress or no stress, I will be on that puddle jumper to see my kiddos in Alaska; even if I don’t beat Grumpy or OL,  taking this challenge will help me along in my goal for fitting comfortably in the seats.

Look out boys … Shonnie is on a tear.


Lest I forget how far I have come--- Me and Mikey before I started this program. Holiday time 2010 ---Can you see much of change? 🙂


12 thoughts on “What’s up?

  1. Beautiful photos and not just of Sophie girl lol That food looks scrummy! So do you too – in a much better way I hasten to add lol you look amazing and radiant Shonnie – you’re getting there 🙂 xxx

  2. That food looks so delish – it made me hungry 🙂 Love your sweet girl pics too and yes, there is a difference in how you look alright. More beautiful every single day!

    • Thansk Aurora — it was delish! I am always shocked when I look back at how far I have come this year. I think later–maybe sometime this weekend–I will take some pictures in some of my old clothing. I get so frustrated with where I am now until I look back 🙂

  3. Shonnie… that looks so good. I have never and I mean never even came close to preparing anything that looked that yum. In a prior comment you stated you were surprised @ my 1st crock pot. Shonnie “I know how to eat… not cook.”. 🙂 :). And again… that is the cutest little girl EVER! NOTE: you look fantastically thin. GO LADY! Bridgette

    • Thanks Bridgette. You are so sweet and encouraging. I really appreciate your comments, they are such a blessing to me.

      You are too funny to boot. You are an accomplished eater, not cook huh? Well, I know you can make it there. I like pretty things so I try to make my food look inviting. That dish however is pretty easy. 200 calories and packed full of taste. I didn’t feel like I was having a ‘diet’ meal. 🙂

      You keep pushing and you will find your way there.

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