The joys of Autumn

The sky on my walk today ... gotta love the blue sky, white clouds, and the rusty orange leaves

This morning … what do I say about this morning?  Ahh … sigh … a sigh of  satisfaction and the general sense of well being.  Autumn, one of my favorite times of the year.  Crisp cool air, rusty colored leaves, and here in the deep fried south, the sun divinely brightens the day with joy.  Nature, the gift from God that lifts one’s soul if one takes the time to experience it … savor it … and the one who pauses to relish its beauty is blessed with inner peace and comfort.

I know I sound all mushy and slightly gushy, but that is just what happens to me in the autumn and spring, or if I am experiencing a new beauty found in nature.  I feel that one can know God in his creation.  The beauty so overwhelming.  Once, while driving through the western states, I had to pull over and cry.  I was not sure I could handle even one more beautiful sight.  The landscape out west varies from mile to mile and I was so overcome by it’s beauty I really cried.  For those of you who don’t know–I rarely cry.

I love my home state of Alabama.  Here, we bask in sunlight and rain most of the year.  Four months in the summer we are quite toasty, but our winters are usually mild.  Where we shine is in the Spring and Fall.  Our weather is so incredible.  Sunshine and mild temperatures that simply beguile a body to move out into the wonderful outdoors.  I feel so peaceful today.  The sunlight gently kissed my skin as the autumn’s cool breeze brought beautiful color to the trees and kept me cool for the entirety of my walk.  Even while I jogged (I only jogged a bit–promise)–no heat stroke for Shonnie today.

I moved through the patterned light and trees, listening to music as my spirits lifted to a soar.  I felt so high that ….. screech … kids descended on me and my energy collapsed and my brain faded and I can’t even remember what I was going to write.  My walk was wonderful.  My crash was horrific.  Turns out I had not eaten enough–duh–go figure.  Whatever fanciful thoughts I had dissolved along with my blood sugar drop.  How ‘bout I share with ya some pics.  🙂

There was something transcendently beautiful about the contrast of the dark tree trunks juxtaposed against the yellowing leaves of the trees--mix that with crisp air ... aahh.

Yes, there was a moment that I was lost in the beauty of the morning and energized by the potentiality that lay before me. ....hahahaha ... Little did I know! 🙂














Almost forgot--Tonights DinDin Chicken Tomato Basil Soup! YUM! 200 Calories! Yeah! I took the picture with a shadow--but it sure was good to eat.

Blessings … S


9 thoughts on “The joys of Autumn

  1. So beautiful, Shonnie! It’s chilly here, now, and with all of the leaves almost gone we’re in that in-between part of autumn when not much but the sky glows for us. The northern lights are back, though. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy our Nature best in the nighttime, until the snow comes 🙂

    • Thanks Desi,

      I love fall. I have only seen the northern lights a few times in my life. I am sure that they are beautiful. Snow … I love the look of everything covered in white powder. Is it grey up there in the winter or sunny like Colorado?

      • Our winters usually start pretty grey, then get very sunny as it gets super cold outside, and then the clouds come back with the spring rains. The coldest parts of winter here are the most beautiful, I think.

  2. I love the Fall at home in the hills of Kentucky, but not so much here in Savannah, GA. There’s too much pine and too many palm trees. Too much green. I want some red, yellow, and orange, darn it.

    I hope you’re feeling better.

    • Thanks Mom — getting better things are still a bit off. I LOVE the fall. I have never been to Savannah … I want to go though. I have heard that it is beautiful.

  3. I sure hope to get back to that state, I enjoy walks in the woods but today was a muscle biopsy…nothing like someone cutting a chunk of your thigh out while you are awake….I felt like the chicken dinner! Good news is it doesn’t hurt how….Hope this gives some answers……

    • Nancy,

      I hope you find out what is up with your body and how you can overcome all these recent setbacks. I know how frustrating they can be. I know you are a VERY strong woman and that you will find a way to live and push forward. I truly believe that.

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