Where have I been today?

My poor bike has been all alone for so LONG!

Let me tell you … Or rather show you.  🙂

We were having problems with our picture taking, and we weren't even aware how bad! Haha!

It was such a bright sunny day to be so blasted chilly!  I have to say that cycling is such a happy pill for me and Mikey too!  🙂

Mikey has this obsession with following ... I am not completely sure what his deal is. 😉 I kinda like the whole thing where I don't block out my whole bike! 🙂

To make my day, my Mikey took me for a spin on My Favorite Toy — my Cervelo!

When we stopped it got warm enough to sun a bit ... you can see Mikey was mostly concerned with Hydration.

So — we KNOW I can’t ride all day, then what did I do with the rest of my day?  Mikey took me shopping.  We were looking for some special presents for Kids birthdays that are this month when Mikey found something he wanted for himself.  Before I show you what Mikey bought himself, I thought I would take a look back for encouragement.  The next photos will be of me this time last year.  I have to tell you it is VERY hard to look at some of these.  😐

Thanksgiving 2010

November 12th, 2010 In case you wondered ... I'm on the Right.

Me and Mikey after I took the rollers out of my hair Thanksgiving 2010.

Now, for the gift Mikey bought for himself: a leather jacket for me.  Hehe!  How can you go wrong with a guy like that?  I don’t think I can!  🙂

Even though I am still self-conscious of my side profile--I think you could say that I have come a long way since Christmas 2010.

I still have a way to go to have the healthy tummy that I want, but we are getting there!  I have tell you that it makes me very happy not to be afraid that one wrong thing could cause me to have a heart attack.  What a relief.  Health is worth its weight in gold.  Oh, and today’s pics were taken after my steak dinner! Mind you that steak was only 3.5 oz, and there was NO yummy potatoes to go with it or bread; but OH MAN was it GOOD; it was GREAT!  I topped off the meal with a Honey Crisp Apple for desert.  If you have never had one of those–do yourself a favor–GET ONE!  🙂

I have to say I like this view better -- Thanks Mikey -- Glad you liked your gift. 🙂

Mikey has gotten awful bossy about what I wear lately.  This is a completely new development.  I would get mad about him being such a bully, but he is really happy with himself … so … I guess I will let him have his way this time.  What do you guys think; did he pic well for me?  Should I keep letting him boss me about clothes?  First the hooker heals and now the leather jacket … what next?

Waiting to hear what you all think I should do about the “Clothes Nazi” … S


16 thoughts on “Where have I been today?

  1. You look AMAZING!! What a hill you must have climbed to get where you are today. I wish you could see me standing up and applauding, right now. As for the clothes? My husband has been dressing me for years, but mostly because I am completely inept at fashion. It looks like your Mikey is doing a good job 🙂

  2. Favorite post of the week Shonnie. Let Mikey tell you what to wear! Then he will have more fun taking it off later, and isn’t that the whole point. Hope you keep your head up this week & keep on typing. Thanks for the good reading.

  3. Shonnie. This was a treat. I came late to your blog and I’ve been wondering what your before and after pics looked like. You look marvelous, girl! And congratulations on a job well done. You’ve certainly inspired me to keep on keepin’ own with my own struggle with weight. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and yes, Mikey did good! 🙂

    • Thanks E! I have been wondering about posting a link to all my “fashion Shows” across the top of my blog. Maybe I will do that. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet words. 🙂

  4. Oh, Doll Face… you look fa-bu-lous! Reason #1 for Beth to marry: Someone to shovel snow; Reason #2: Someone to vacuum; Reason #3 (just considered): Someone to buy me a leather jacket! 😉 Mike’s most definitely a keeper. And you look outstanding from all angles.

    • Beth, You are too kind! I still struggle with the tummy area, but I am getting bolder about it. I know you know how that is.

      Haha … so I guess you think I should let him keep bossin’ me about too. hehe. 😉

      I think he is a keeper too. 😀

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