Misty Water Colored Memories ….

Of the Way We Were …

Even though I am still self-conscious of my side profile--I think you could say that I have come a long way since Christmas 2010.

Not all memories of the “good ole days” are fun to dwell on.  I realize I used this picture just the other day, but in looking for this picture I found a few of my “Walk Of Shame” photos that really put into perspective what I have to be thankful for this year, during our season of Thanksgiving.  Then there were the remaining security blanket fat clothes that were in my closet–I tried on clothes yesterday too.  I can feel a fashion show coming on.  I think it is time to move forward.  I am sure this will be hard for some to believe when they look at the pictures above, but I NEVER saw myself this big.  I still have problems when I turn sideways and look in the mirror–I whine whens this gonna change to Mikey all the time.  My body really has changed.  I need to rejoice in that fact and not whine about where I have not yet made it too. I needed this picture grouping to help me see how far I have come over this past year.

I know it is odd, but I had a skinny mentality.  I saw myself about the size I have been for the past three or more months of my stall; not as I actually was–morbidly obese.  This whole reflection of me in the past is good for the soul on many levels.  I am facing my weigh in tomorrow and I need to keep in perspective where I have come from.  And where I am now; no matter what the scales say tomorrow.  I have come a long way and this is emotionally empowering–I need to live in that everyday.

So for the Thanksgiving month I am going to take a walk down memory lane and refresh my memory of my victory over obesity this year.  When I hate the way a photo looks when taken from below … I will remember these photos and rejoice:

Yes, I always had a good time ... this was a photo of me and Mike dancing!

This was the same night. Mikey the same ... me a little different than today. We were dancing at my daughter's prom--we were chaperones--if you look close you will see my youngest daughter dancing on the other side of us. She looks like she is gonna cry--but she was just diggin the music.

I really do not like the photo I am about to post, but it is better than these others … I must get over myself. 🙂

Me last week going for a walk. While this is not a favorite photo it is better.

Live rejoicing everyday …. Hey Beth … I can see a collar bone!  ehehehehe!  That is worthy of rejoicing everyday.

Well, I must away to the market for to fetch some tomatoes for tonights meal, you all be good till I get back you hear?  …..S

33 thoughts on “Misty Water Colored Memories ….

  1. “Live rejoicing every day”. Amen.

    Reading that you never saw yourself as that big stopped me short, in a way. One of the reasons I struggle to dress myself properly is because the woman I see in my mind’s eye is much bigger than the woman in the mirror. I’ve never been obese, but I have been anorexic, and I shake my head at “experts” who suggest there are no parallels between either condition. Seriously, people, wake up!

    Here’s to a healthy forever, Shonnie! Cheers to you!

  2. When you stand on the scale in frustration, just remember how far you’ve come! Kudos. You look great! Like me, you’re learning that living life with zeal doesn’t have to include overindulgence in food and drink. Everything in moderation.


  3. p.s. In the NEW top picture (left)… you look a little like the beloved Joan Cusack !

    (that’s a compliment, btw.)


  4. Holy mother of moses…. Shonnie… I have no idea who you are, and probably wouldn’t have come across this blog…except by total accident today. …I was doing a search for something completely unrelated, and your blog came up!

    But, I MUST say… in the short few minutes that I’ve been drawn into your story… I am mesmerized by how quickly, and how much you’ve managed to focus on your goal. THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!

    Holy Krep, woman!!
    I never watch the “Biggest Loser” and/or the reality tv bs shows… so forgive me if I’m bowled over by the fact that you’ve managed to do this all by yourself… and LOOK FANTASTIC!!

    Keep on bein’ happy…. you look terrific… and you seem to have a WONDERFUL approach to life as well!

    Good luck and good wishes!!

    An anonymous reader…

    • Thanks Anon–
      You made my morning this morning. I opened up my e-mail to make sure nothing was getting by me today and there you were making me smile HUGE! What a wonderful way to wake up. Hope to see you around again some day. 🙂

  5. Shonnie… you look freakin fantastic lady. Sometimes I forget why it matters if I lose weight and then I’m reminded every time I visit your blog and that picture shows why! YOU LOOK HEALTHY AND HAPPY. Bridgette

  6. Holy smokes! Wow! I’m almost speechless. Awesome photos. I wish I had some good side profiles from before the start.

    Great job. You have done such a fantastic job. Too bad I’m going to whip you and OptiLoser. 😛


  7. Yeah for collarbones! You knew you had one, right? And you’re going to leave the world the way you came in… with ONE chin! I’m tellin’ you, this goofy anatomy stuff. We’re losing and finding parts left and right. 😉

  8. Holy guacamole – big difference indeed! Guess I never saw before pix from this time. You’ve accomplished SO much. I

    regret destroying all of my “baddies” (pix of me looking huge) as I would love to have some around for impressive before and after pix, and for motivational purposes. Oh well!

    Congrats on the wonderful things you have done for your body, and for your life.

    • There is a big difference OB–I keep getting frustrated with myself and then I take a moment to look back and see I need to cut myself a break, because this was a BIG year for me. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. 🙂

  9. Those photos are inspirational and talk of real determination on your part! You go girl!

    I once read something that says our mind holds a picture of our body at age 16 or 17 no matter what we look like so it is hard to recognize the true body that does change….

    • Thanks Nancy. I am glad they are inspirational. It helps when you see how far you have come to stay focused. I know it has helped me relax the last day or so. 🙂 And the mental picture … Well … that would be me a LOT smaller … WOOH! I don’t want to weigh 110 to 115 that could be scary.

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