Good Morning … the day after weigh in

I had a terribly fitful night’s sleep and have gimps and aches all over me.  My weight did a bit of a jump up to  178.6 which seems kinda weird after yesterdays low of 177.0 and I didn’t eat off plan.  What the heck?  No, I didn’t eat more salt than usual or anything else more than usual.  Main factor I didn’t sleep.

Over the last week and a half I have struggled with some serious malfunctions in my body–hoping that we have them finally nailed down so I can get on with life.  I think it is about time to lower BP meds … we shall see.  🙂

I’m preparing myself mentally for heading into the Y to visit for the first time in two week the “Reformer Torture” Room with Donna “The Trainer Nazi” Jones.  I hope I survive this.  I could be one whooped puppy.  I wil get back with you all a bit later — if I am able.  There will possibly be a Fashion show of the latest fat clothes and some of those pieces I am hanging on for some emotional reason???

Well … see ya later ….S


10 thoughts on “Good Morning … the day after weigh in

    • Thanks Dizi — you were right about that. It went back down today. Wish it would have dropped like a rock, but 2 tenths of a pound down from 177 (today I weighed 176.8) is better than staying up at 178.6. Think that is odd how the weight switched the numbers around today. 🙂 So glad to have you back.

    • Thanks Donna — I will. I think I am gonna get Mike to take my “Fashion Show Pics” and give them to a girl who I know wants them. 😀 Anytime you want a consult on what you need to throw out … call me I will be there!

  1. It’s funny but where I’m living right now, I don’t have all of my things and found a pair of old track pants, thought, well I’ll just use those for my workouts while here. Not. Going. To. Happen. I can fit into one leg of them, oh joy oh joy but… I washed them and want to keep them. Why? I do not know. Maybe as a reminder of where I do not want to go ever again. Have been where I am for nearly two years and really like it but need to shed 20, in my opinion. Wishing you all the best with your workout Nazi, lol. Maybe we both need to pin an old outfit to the back of a door somewhere just as a reminder and thrift shop the rest. 🙂

    • I have really pondered the attachment to several of the shirt and things. It makes no sense. We need to do something to keep ourselves in reminder that we are moving forward and how far we have come. 🙂

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