Eeee Gaddssss ….

I feel like someone has taken a stick to my breasts!

Donna — you got some splainin’ to do!  What the heck did you do yesterday?  I know it didn’t seem like much when we were doing stuff–so what the heck??

I know I promised a fashion show.  It is coming.  I have had malfunctions with my camera and my picture taker kept having to do other things — work is a four letter word some days.      😉

Then today I was just plum tuckered out and I lay down on the floor to get Sophia to take a nap and I passed CLEAN OUT.

I have been very tired and cold today so I am gonna chill out — oh for a long soak in the tub!  Can’t do that cuz the jets are not clean.

January 2011

Few weeks ago ... yeah ... I can see a difference. 😀




oh, I almost forgot — I was back down this morning 176.8 from yesterdays high of 178.6.  I think that it is weird how it kept similar numbers!

Blessings ….S


10 thoughts on “Eeee Gaddssss ….

    • That was me … but I was having a blond moment (or one could say low cal moment). That is amazing. You are a MACHINE man! 🙂 I hope to give you a run for your money—wouldn’t be fun otherwise. 🙂

    • WOW! Grumpy that is way down. When did that happen?? I am 175.6 this AM and very excited about it too! I am a touch hungry, but I think I can keep the wolves at bay.

  1. We’re talking serious changes last year to this. Including: last New Year’s at the beach in Florida, this coming New Year’s on the coast of Alaska. Last New Year with your granddaughter. This coming one with your grandson who will arrive next month. Oh, and let’s not forget the about 80 #’s you have misplaced so far this year. (Who knows what it will be by the end of the year?)

  2. I think you owe Ed a lunch. His competition has throttled you back into gear.

    My brain is screaming for some goodies. I’m only 1 pound from my low which is actually 1 pound lower than my goal so it is real hard to convince the devil on my shoulder that I need to get to 155 so that when I change back to carbs and gain 10 pounds of water weight I will be at my goal of 165.



    • Hahaha! You are funny Grumpy!

      I totally understand the devil on your shoulder. I have had one of those days myself today. My tummy just wants to eat and bad deal for me I didn’t wanna cook! BAD combination. 🙂 I ate OptiFast bars — not so yum but they will do the job of warding off starvation.

      I wouldn’t Mind buying Ed a lunch. hehe Seriously though, he is a weight loss machine! 160+ pounds. Man o Man. How much have you lost in total?

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