It’s Sunday … where have I been?

I have been doin’ family stuff.  I have three family birthdays this week.  My youngest daughter turned 22 the 10th, my oldest daughter turned 30 yesterday, and my daughter’s boyfriend also turned 22 this week.  Yesterday, Onnie and I spent her day with Sophie girl at a baby beauty pagent.  She is a lot like her Ami — she growled at them when she first came out.  The second trip out she blew them kisses. hehehe!

Today, I am grillin’ steakes; makin’ retuffed potatoes, and turtle-plus cream cheese brownies for the two Twenty-two year olds.  No, I won’t be having any potatoes or turtle — not even a bite!!  I hope that I do well with the Whole NOT-a-bite-thing!!  UHHH!

Today has been one of those emotional days, where you are just not in the mood to be good on your diet, but you do it anyway, and you get growly and grumpy.  I keep tellin’ myself: just keep pushin’;  Don’t give in: you are so close;  Everything will be over by Christmas, if you just keep focused.  Today, however, I want to cuss anyone who suggests that I follow my own advice.  I know I will make it through–the scales have been kind to me lately–I was down again this morning.  So, I know that I WILL keep moving forward, no matter how hard this gets!

Thankfully, I have a very supportive hubby who puts up with my mood fluctuations … because he is really excited at the loss of my BP med for SURE — it is offical today.  All that I have left for BP is my fluid pills.  😀  I am offically down to only two pills for Blood Sugar, and I almost don’t need those.  YEA!  YEA!  Oh and we tried on some of my old pants … we can almost get in them together.  I am gonna take a pic of the two cheeks in oneside of the old pants … you gotta see this.  😀

Check y’all later … I gotta run to the store.  😀


12 thoughts on “It’s Sunday … where have I been?

  1. Hello my beautiful Shonnie….. so you went AWOL for a little while too? lol That’s fantastic news on the BP meds – you are such a star!!! I am looking forward to checking out your weigh in tomorrow – I’m working hard on getting back into the swing of things – it’s so important – thank you for being here for me!!! 😀 xxx

  2. Congrats on nearing the end of all of the pills. It was so awesome to go to the doctor a few weeks ago & write on the form that the only ones I’m taking regularly are OTC allergy pills and a few vitamins.

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